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#73482 - 12/20/05 02:17 AM More info on clostridium please?

Well, been reading about clostridium, and just want to make sure I NEVER have any problems with this with my babies. Just wanted to know how hot it has to get until this stuff is a concern? I know humidity is a big factor, but I figure if it's kept under a certain temp in the room, it would keep the humidity low enough to keep it from entering the house.

I'm just a bit confused too, cause I thought that these guys experience temps of 100F and higher in the wild, yet people say their temp has to be under 85F? Is it just because of the concern for the clostridium?

In our apartment in FL, we have central air conditioning. As long as we make sure to keep the house fairly cool, that should keep the humidity down low enough and eliminate any concerns for clostridium, right? Only question is what if one of the hurricanes that always seems to come our way hits us and we lose power? How long until clostridium becomes a concern in a house, or is it immediate if the humidity and temp get too high? If it's something that's fairly common and a big concern, we'd like to have a generator on hand to make sure we can at least run the ac to keep this problem from happening. If anyone can help us out with these questions, we'd greatly appreciate it.


#73483 - 12/20/05 04:31 AM Re: More info on clostridium please? [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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If the room has good ventilation, along with good day light in the room where the glider should not have a problem with this food borne bacteria.

It is not the heat that causes the out breaks of clostridium. But rather the high humidity in the spring and fall that seems to cause the most out breaks. I think this is because most furnaces and air conditioners are usually not running due to the mild weather during that time of year.
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#73484 - 12/20/05 05:35 AM Re: More info on clostridium please? [Re: ]
Charlie H Offline
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Could you be more specific about what strain of clostridium you are concerned about. There are over 100 species of the bacteria.

Each form seems to have it's own specifications, treatments, and prevention methods.
Charlie H
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#73485 - 12/20/05 08:10 PM Re: More info on clostridium please? [Re: ]

Well, it's not any particular strain I'm concerned about as far as I know. Already got some info on how it occurs, now just need to know some more prevention tips and if possible, warning signs of it being in the food.

Also, a little confused saying as most people say to keep these guys out of direct sunlight because of their eyes light sensitivity, yet someone just suggested to prevent clostridium, allow plenty of sunlight into the room their in. Um?

Also, if the issue is poor air circulation, as long as you turn on central air even to just the fan to circulate, or open a door or window for a bit to let fresh air in at least once a week or so, should that do the trick? I would imagine it's pretty rare, but If preventative measures to make sure it never happens are easy to do, I figure better safe than sorry.

Thanks again,
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#73486 - 12/21/05 01:06 AM Re: More info on clostridium please? [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
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That doesnt' mean direct sun on the gliders. It means to keep the room light enough they know it's daytime without a doubt, and keep their nocturnal schedule. Otherwise they tend to get all confused, which can lead to stress and other problems. Hope that helps with that.
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#73487 - 12/21/05 06:13 AM Re: More info on clostridium please? [Re: ]
Charlie H Offline
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Registered: 11/13/03
Posts: 1659
Loc: Wallis Texas
Think of it in terms of where would mold develope. Bacteria likes dark, damp, and warm places just like mold. If you are concerned about food poisioning just put the food in the cage around 7 o'clock at night and take it out first thing in the morning. Wipe the cage down daily and provide fresh water. Empty the cage tray and clean out sleeping areas or change pouches every two or three days. Cleanliness is the key here. And of course any fresh fruits or vegetables should be washed thoroughly before giving them to the gliders.
Charlie H
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