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#73812 - 12/21/05 01:31 AM 1st time hand feeding/ raising a joey, have ?'s

We have a joey that is about 4 weeks oop. The parents abandoned it about one week oop. We have been feeding it puppy formula every two hours night and day and about 5-6 days ago we started it on solids, such as baby cereal and food, which we feed to it every three to four hours.
The joey has been having flaky skin and has rubbed most of the fur off of his head. the fur around his body is not looking good or thick, it looks thin. What could be causing this? What are some things we can do to improve this?
Also, he has developed a bad habit of biting. We hold him frequently. He likes to nestle in between your fingers and then he will start biting very hard and sometimes he does not want to let go!
Please help, what can we do?
Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

#73813 - 12/21/05 06:37 PM Re: 1st time hand feeding/ raising a joey, have ?'s [Re: ]

When you click on the Breeding and Babies link, at the top, there are 2 posts about how to handfeed joeys. They recommend you make joey BML, mixed with the puppy milk. I have been reading the posts every night, in case my gliders reject their joeys too!

#73814 - 12/21/05 07:08 PM Re: 1st time hand feeding/ raising a joey, have ?'s [Re: ]

Thanks, I will look for the Joey BML mix. Do you have any ideas on what is causing the fur to be thin and flaky?

#73815 - 12/21/05 07:16 PM Re: 1st time hand feeding/ raising a joey, have ?'s [Re: ]

Sorry I should have asked this in my last response. Where does it have the instructions for the Joey BML mix?
I cannot find it.

#73816 - 12/21/05 09:54 PM Re: 1st time hand feeding/ raising a joey, have ?'s [Re: ]

I copied this from the link here on GC. As for the flaky skin, I am sorry, I do not know--it might mean that he needs more nutrition. I am new to joeys, and I am sure somebody more experienced will be able to help. The joey BML is easy to make, and you can find all the ingredients in the grocery store, and the vitamins at most pet stores. I think if you feed the joey BML and puppy milk to your joey, he might start to improve. He probably needs more of the nutrition found in the BML, as well as the puppy milk.

#73817 - 12/24/05 07:44 AM Re: 1st time hand feeding/ raising a joey, have ?'s [Re: ]
Charlie H Offline
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We always use the Baby BML to feed rejected joeys. It is a little thick so we will add a little apple juice or water. Just enough to make it thin enough to feed with an eye dropper. We do not use the puppy milk replacer or any of the other addatives.

The flaky skin could be from the present diet or the joey could have picked up a yeast infection from his mom's pouch. Since the mom rejected him you may want to have her pouch looked at. Sometimes Linatone will help correct the thin hair. You would only want to put a tiny bit on the tip of your finger and let the joey lick it off. Give no more than maybe the size of a match head once a day.

Good luck with saving the joey. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" />
Charlie H
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