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#743061 - 03/01/09 05:14 AM green leafy veggies
JillMarie Offline
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In response to all I read on the Australian diet and my own desire to add more green leafy veggies into my gliders diet, and comments made by many people here who's gliders dont like to eat green leafy veggies...a few things came to my mind (imagine that LOL):

I have heard/read somewhere that BOILING foods such as veggies removes alot of the nutrients (thats why STEAMING is prefered) so if you put green leafy veggies in a SMALL amount of water and boil them, then drain the now pretty colored water off..couldnt we feed THAT (the water)to the gliders? wouldnt the water have alot of the nutrition in it? perhaps using THAT in our recipes instead of plain water or adding to a water bottle in the cage?

ok next:
SOME green leafy veggies when FROZEN then THAWED get...well...mushy and soft, water cress for example. I put some fresh in the cages (boys ate it, sparingly, like "its ok mom", girls did not, Arwen would eat it if I held it LOL) and I also put some in a plastic bag and tossed in the freezer. so this morning its already nice and frozen and I took some out and put in a dish to see how it would thaw. got very mushy. so now I offer it to the gliders and they (ALL of them)GOBBLED it up! they all seemed to like it better this way. funny huh? well I realized in THIS mushy state I could also mix it into other foods to get them to eat it so it MAY be an option for a veggie they WOULDNT eat. mix it into some yogurt or BML for instance. you know a few times a week.

Last one (suuuure!):
When my human babies were small everyone told me to feed a huge variety of things to them for nutritional reasons, but also to teach them to ACCEPT a variety. if you feed only a few things that is all the will want to eat. So I practiced this with my Arwen (glider baby) From the moment she crawled away from mommy and tried to sample mommy and daddy's food I have offered her MANY types of foods. She will now try and eat everything I hand to her, her brother too (of course they have likes and dislikes but the point is she TRIES it!). Whereas her parents (I received as adults over year old and were only fed parrot food and broccoli, God how aweful!) are very picky and it is very hard to get them to try new and exciting veggies. So...the point...I think it's important to let them try as many different types of things from the very beginning. Get those leafy things in there right from the start!

so .... thoughts guys?

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#743377 - 03/01/09 07:50 PM Re: green leafy veggies [Re: JillMarie]

Collards, kale, dandelion are all greens that are good for your gliders. Out of season, they can be purchased frozen and fed that way as they will thaw quickly in their dishes.

The water from boiling veggies does not really contain much in the way of assimilable nutrients as compared to raw or lightly steamed veggies.

Offer a food quite a few times and don't expect them to naturally accept it on the first, second, or even third try. Sometimes they will only eat a "taste" then on another day eat more. This may allow their cecum/caecum to develop the proper amt of bacteria to fully and comfortably utilize this foodstuff.

#743389 - 03/01/09 08:03 PM Re: green leafy veggies [Re: ]
Trigger Offline
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Registered: 10/07/07
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I give my greens raw and they love them, collards are always GONE the next morning. Spinach is their favorite green but they only get that once a week or sometimes every 2 weeks.
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#743395 - 03/01/09 08:16 PM Re: green leafy veggies [Re: Trigger]
Athena26 Offline
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Registered: 10/05/07
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mine love butter lettuce, dadilion greens and spinich. i rotate i found they also love chinese cabbage.
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#743396 - 03/01/09 08:16 PM Re: green leafy veggies [Re: Trigger]

Mine have been trying collard greens

They ate some but not much

I will try freezing and thawing and then maybe they will lke the musshy version better

Thanks for the post

#743435 - 03/01/09 09:26 PM Re: green leafy veggies [Re: ]

My gliders love collard greens and turnip greens but I hesitated to give them to them because they are high in oxalate (sp?). Am I wrong? I'd like to give them collard more often since it is one of the few high in calcium vegies that they like - they eat HPW.


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