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Hey everyone! I really need your help on fighting the hr669 bill which will ban us from keeping our exotic pets, this includes hampsters, most of your aquarium fish, reptiles and anything else that is not native to America. We can stop this if we make more people aware and if we do somthing about it. There is a site called that has a place where you can write to your state represenative about asking their help to stop it. There is even a letter already made up if you dont feel like writing your own.
Please help me and other exotic pet owners like yourselves by doing somthing to stop this.

Current Research, Studies & Resources
#763830 - 04/11/09 12:42 AM Re: PLEASE HELP STOP THE BILL BANNING EXOTIC PETS [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
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wave Thank you for providing us with this information. We currently have a thread started here on this topic. Please feel free to participate there.

#764427 - 04/12/09 04:46 PM Re: PLEASE HELP STOP THE BILL BANNING EXOTIC PETS [Re: LSardou]

Before you go crazy over this, read the actual bill.
Unlike all the rumors going around, the bill will not prohibit the breading,ownership, or sale of ALL nonnative (exotic pets). I did research on the bill for a class last semester (Masters in Environmental Science).

This bill is a good idea. It bans animal species that rapidly grow, reproduce, and take over the native wildlife. It is the animal version of banning Kudzu or purple loosestrife. This might have stopped the release of Africanized Honeybees if implemented in Mexico.

Again, I repeat. This will not ban all animals not originally found in America. Only ones like the Norwegian Rat which are a great nuisance, have few or no natural predators, cause high economic losses, and out compete native mice for food, shelter, etc.

Get educated and read. Don't take other peoples words as law. If you read this bill and still have a problem with it, then go to your house of representatives. JUST READ IT FIRST!

#764739 - 04/13/09 02:16 PM Re: PLEASE HELP STOP THE BILL BANNING EXOTIC PETS [Re: ]
sugarlope Offline
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I am locking this thread so that the discussion stays in one place. wink

Edited by sugarlope (04/13/09 02:17 PM)
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