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#784821 - 05/27/09 12:21 AM Intros between several gliders

The last few weeks, my trio has been barking and chattering back in forth with the neighboring cage with Cal and Lena in it. It's been well past time since I adopted Cal and Lena to do some intros and they are both bonding well with me. So I thought ok. I've done the intro thing before, I'll exchange pouches for a few nights. Their cages have been side by side for a few months now. They are talking to each other. So I finally get brave and take the trio in the play room first then my hubby brings in Cal and Lena. Everyone was sorta ignoring each other, then Lena started to climb up my leg and Harold and Kumar and McCrabby all 3 pretty much ganked her. Like rolling around in a big glider ball. They were not biting just making some noises I've never heard before! Cal was just sorta hanging off the closet door looking down at them like they were nuts. I got Lena away from them. No stratches or anything. And I immediately took the pair out. No one was upset and they all went back to playing. It was pretty upsetting for me tho lol. I knew it might be hard to intro 2 gliders to 3 gliders. Any suggestions because this is sorta new to me trying to make a colony this big. If it just isn't going to work, it's fine. But I just thought it would be nice to have a large little glider family in one cage.

If it helps, Cal is around a year, Lena around 3 years old and my trio of girls are 7 months old.

#784864 - 05/27/09 05:40 AM Re: Intros between several gliders [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
I recently introduced two pairs of gliders to each other to make a quad. I did it with my husband's help. First, we had one pair in a smaller reptarium inside the big cage with the other pair for about a week. We watched them and observed which gliders were having the hardest time getting used to being in close proximity to each other. Then, we took one glider from each pair (the two that were having the hardest time with each other) and allowed them to get used to each other on our bed. When that went well, we brought in another one, and so on. Although there was a bit of pecking order establishment, it went fairly smoothly.
Try doing the intros one-on-one first and see if that helps thumb
Suz Enyedy
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#784870 - 05/27/09 06:09 AM Re: Intros between several gliders [Re: sugarglidersuz]

Ok, wasn't sure if that would be a good idea or not. Lena seems to be the silent dominant out of her and Cal. And McCrabby seems to rule the roost in that cage. Those are the two that seem to not like each other the most. I'll try it though, they are all such sweeties it would be nice to have all 5 playing together smile

#784906 - 05/27/09 09:46 AM Re: Intros between several gliders [Re: ]
zookeeper18 Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 03/18/08
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Loc: North AL
I have no experience to give you but I have read several posts on this. I'm trying to work up the nerve to "colonize" my pairs eventually. It seems as Suz has suggested that it works well to only introduce one at a time. And in a neutral smelling environment. Bathtubs work great, plus they're slick and it's hard to get a grip for fighting. I hope this helps! Good luck! Let us know how things go. I literally read every post about intros. I can't wait to get my last male neutered so I can have one big family!
Committed wife! (As in needs to be committed!)
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#784921 - 05/27/09 10:05 AM Re: Intros between several gliders [Re: zookeeper18]
StitchsMom Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/24/03
Posts: 10569
Loc: IL (St. Louis area)
I'm working on getting a large non-breeding colony or two established. Man is it ever a process! It helps if you really know your glider's personalities so you can try to pinpoint which glider(s), if any, will be a problem.
~*~Jenny and the fur kids~*~

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#784924 - 05/27/09 10:07 AM Re: Intros between several gliders [Re: zookeeper18]

I agree Theresa The bath tub would work great when it is time for me to start intros between Ellie and Milo I'm using the bath tub.

Betty I'm with you on reading up on intros! Everyone I find I read over and if I find a post useful I copy/past it to my word program so I'll never lose the advice. thumb

#787199 - 06/01/09 08:25 AM Re: Intros between several gliders [Re: ]

Ok. so the intro progress is going better smile I tried Cal with each of my girls in my trio one on one . Then I had him playing in the playroom with McCrabby, then eventually brought in Harold, then Kumar until he was playing with all 3 of the girls. Then I did intro's the same way with Lena the next night. Then I brought them into the playroom all together. And Lena suddenly forgot who the girls were, lol. For the most part, she got along fine with Harold and Kumar. But McCrabby's old crabbiness came out and the two of them just were not meshing well. So then I tried it again the next night and they just sorta ignored each other unless they came face to face. The trio of girls love Cal and follow him around lol. So at least that's going really well.

Then this morning I took them into the play room and there were very few spats. Just a few hisses and pssst between Lena and McCrabby. The only incident was when they were all ready to sleep. The trio went into their pouch and Cal and Lena into theirs. McCrabby felt brave and ran out of hers and started hissing outside of Lena and Cals pouch which ended in some loud pssts/crabbing. If that describes the noise correctly, lol. So I picked her and made her go back to her own pouch.

I hope in a few more days they will be totally use to each other. Just gotta get those two hard headed girls to warm up to one another smile

*I wish I could use the bathtub, but we only have one bathroom. So I try not to take the gliders in their so I'm not hogging it laugh

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