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#7968 - 07/03/03 07:59 PM Non stop wheel running???

My youngest girl is not tame. She is not close to any human, and she appears to have no interest in changing that. I have read in many places that pacing can be a sign of depression, but what about constant running on their wheel??
I am not exagerating when I say that for the last two nights she has woken up and gone straight to her wheel and has remained there for atleast 3 hours. I do not know if it goes on longer than that because by then I am going to bed. She still does get down to eat, but not as much as before.
My older girl is being driven nuts by the sound that her wheel is making. She has slowed down on her eating and once she is back in her cage usually decides to just go hide in the hammock.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me I am beginning to worry. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#7969 - 07/03/03 08:06 PM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

how long have you had her?

#7970 - 07/03/03 08:08 PM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

It will be one month on Sunday.

#7971 - 07/03/03 08:11 PM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

have you tried bonding while she is sleeping?

#7972 - 07/03/03 08:16 PM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

I have taken her around with me during the day, but when I do that she will not sleep, and the slightest bump gets her to crabbing which wakes my older girl.
I am afraid to only take her with me because my older girl is so sweet, and very jealous when it comes to her time. They were brought together by me, after the oldest had been alone for almost 7 months, and the youngest girl had been being abused by her father, and had never received any bonding time with her human.

#7973 - 07/03/03 08:19 PM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

she may just need more say keep trying to bond with her during the day, maybe switch off between the 2, and when she can only smell you maybe that will help her to bond more with you and then she wont be so active in the wheel, it could also be that she just has pent up energy that she cant seem to get rid of elsewhere. i hope that helps. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#7974 - 07/03/03 08:23 PM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

Thank you, everything helps. I am feeling like a bad parent today so I am just looking for ideas to help them both.

#7975 - 07/04/03 12:25 AM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]

My lone glider, Kiki, used to run non-stop all the time. I swear she probably ran a few miles every single night. I did not notice any signs of depression and she was happy to come out of the cage to play, but then she would go back in on her own and run in the wheel some more.
I think if everything else is normal (Eating, behavior, stools, etc.), then I wouldn't be too concerned.

#7976 - 07/04/03 01:02 AM Re: Non stop wheel running??? [Re: ]
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this glider needs to be placed into a quiet room, and given time to acclimate to her environment, don't handle her or remove her from the cage till she shows some trust in her own environment first. She is petrified, in everything she is doing she is telling you that, let her get to know only you first..offering licky treats only, and feeding while she is asleep. I don't know how old your oldest girl is, but I highly suggest you work with her till she learns to trust you explicity. on the other hand it is not uncommon for them to run in their wheel often, but the other things she is doing is saying she is scared (not, not tame, just scared)
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