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#798552 - 06/24/09 09:45 PM glider sitter tips

k so i have someone coming over to feed my gliders while im gone. i have all of the dishes pre-made and in the freezer. so they dont have to do anything. what numbers should i leave them or things to look for? thanks.

#798564 - 06/24/09 10:41 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ]

Well, they should obviously have your number, and your vets number. And if your vet isn't available 24 hours, you need to find one that is, so you can leave that info as well. You need to have them watch the water bottle to make sure they are drinking, and let them know how much they normally eat. Have them watch their stool, to make sure it's still firm. That's all I can think of at the moment, I'm sure someone can add to what I'm leaving out.

#798580 - 06/24/09 11:17 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ]

One little thing that I can think of: if this person is comfortable, you may want to have them check pouches for loose threads and do a quick once over on the toys to make sure everything's good and safe smile

#798583 - 06/24/09 11:33 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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Take some of the phone numbers off here that people have in their signitures (are you networked) incase they (your sitter) isn't sure and unable to reach the vet.
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#798589 - 06/24/09 11:57 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: Dancing]
chattrbabe Offline
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I glidersit for a member here and I have a checklist for myself to go through.

Make sure the cage is completely secure and all gliders are there. All doors are shut on the cage and secured.

Toilet seats down or a suggie can drown

Powder room door closed

Nothing full of water left in the sink or anywhere

Food is there and ready for them (at night) and water bottles are good to go

And I keep a book with me of emergency vet numbers and other vet numbers. Also I have Bourbon and Suz's number in my book, in case the vets or emergency vets doesn't answer.

My number is 480 246 5668 - I also have texting.


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#798661 - 06/25/09 08:47 AM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: chattrbabe]
vagraphix Offline
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Ashley I sent you a copy of the boarding agreement I use when I glider sit. If anyone wants a copy please PM your email address.
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#798741 - 06/25/09 11:23 AM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: vagraphix]

thanks guys! i totally fogot about them checking the water bottle.. wow thanks

#798751 - 06/25/09 11:47 AM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ]
minkasmom Offline
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Make sure they know where your ER kit is, what's in it, what each thing is used for...

Has the babysitter handled your glider(s) before? And everyone is "comfortable" with each other?

Do you have a glider buddy nearby who the babysitter can call if an emergency comes up? I know of somebody who lives in Minnesota, just not sure where you 2 are in proportion to each other.

I'd add Dancing and Linda Sardou to your emergency contact list also...they're both good with suggie-mergencies.

I'm sure I'll come up with more...just out of lunch time.
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#798837 - 06/25/09 03:18 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ]
ozzi Offline
Glider Addict

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Originally Posted By: Giznosesmama
thanks guys! i totally forgot about them checking the water bottle.. wow thanks

Extra water bottle hooked up case one leaks out.
Head counts every night, and every morning. Instructions what to do if one gets out of the cage.

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#798844 - 06/25/09 03:25 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ozzi]
JillMarie Offline
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Double check (ok I triple check)cage doors...I know I am kinda OCD but when I close it I Jiggle it to make sure it is secure and as I walk away I look back at it to make sure it is still ok and the latch is all the way secure. my hubby laughs at me but TWICE he has gone to bed and left the latch not 100% closed on HIS cage and woke up to HIS gliders romping through the house!

this is kinda funny...I keep a butterfly net handy in case they get loose when we arenot home and my son has to catch them.

I also put two water bottles in each "ball type" and the other is the "water silo" (which I like better because it cant fail ot get stuck in any way)
2 bottles may be a good idea if you are worried the "sitter" wont check them

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#798847 - 06/25/09 03:26 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: ozzi]
Kiiru Offline
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Let them know that they can ONLY feed them their dinner or the treats you have for them. No extra stuff! I know how some people are all "AWW! I bet they'd like to try ______"

Do you have hand sanitizer handy? Might want to leave a note to have them use it if the sugs are going to be up when they feed them.
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#798885 - 06/25/09 04:50 PM Re: glider sitter tips [Re: Kiiru]

If you are comfortable with the sitter, you can always leave a check in case emergency vet care is needed. I always leave a blank check, made out to my vet stuck to the freezer door when I go out of town, just in case...


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