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#8023 - 07/04/03 09:48 PM Double and Triple Heterozygous.

I thought that I would share some of the information I recently found online that explains quite clearly what is a double het and triple het is. Here is the link


Heterozygous, when referring to a double or triple het, is its dominance in relation to the normal coloration. In the case of a sugar glider that is the normal grey patten, unless you have wild caught white tips. Someone bred a cinnamon whiteface. That is an example of a double het. Now if someone were to breed a cinnamon whiteface white tip that is a triple het. After carefully reading the website I posted above it will make what I am talking about clearer. I hope that breeders will mark this site and reference it. Using these principles we can have an explosion of new colors in a few years, if breeders cooperated and were willing to talk genetics to other breeders.


#8024 - 07/04/03 10:34 PM Re: Double and Triple Heterozygous. [Re: ]

Thank you! I will be exploring that site in just a bit!

#8025 - 07/07/03 05:16 AM Re: Double and Triple Heterozygous. [Re: ]
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Good resource, Ushuaia. Thanks for posting that. Maybe when our links "come back' we can post that as a helpful resource.

#8026 - 07/07/03 10:00 AM Re: Double and Triple Heterozygous. [Re: ]

Although, there are a couple people here that have successfully bred a possible het for white face blonde with a normal gray and produced a white faced blonde. This could only mean that the seemingly normal gray was actually carrying a heterozygous gene somewhere? Which makes me wonder if somewhere in there, all of our grays carry a white face gene? Doesn't seem like that would be a possibility, yet, how would one produce white faced blonde with a normal and a het? Hmmm!

Very interesting info!

#8027 - 07/07/03 12:08 PM Re: Double and Triple Heterozygous. [Re: ]

You have to have the gene in order to produce the color variant. If you breed two gliders together in an attempt to get a white face and neither is showing the color variant and they produce a white face then both of the gliders are heterozygous for white face. There are a lot of sugar gliders out there that are heterozygous for many different color variations and mutations but unless they mate with another glider with that same variation or mutation (unless the variation or mutation is dominate, co-dominate or partial dominate) then there is absolutely no chance of producing or expressing that variant.


#8028 - 07/07/03 03:23 PM Re: Double and Triple Heterozygous. [Re: ]
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When the blonde is paired with the normal there are whitefaced blonde offspring. According to what he is saying here, the blonde gene is dominate. Am I right here?
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#8029 - 07/07/03 03:46 PM Re: Double and Triple Heterozygous. [Re: ]

The whiteface blonde gene might be dominate, or the normal you paired the glider with might have the white faced blonde gene, or the normal might have another color variation that is recessive to the white faced gene and is recessive to the normal gene. For example If I had a heterozygous for leucistic and paired it with a homozygous for white faced blonde and the leucistic was passed on then you would have white faced blonde babies (assuming that leucistic is recessive to white face, which will be known after Judies babies comes out) because the white faced blonde gene is dominate. If you did not know that the normal you paired it with had this color variant then you might assume that whiteface blonde is dominate to normal. This is not the case because white faced blondes are not a common color variant compared to the normal variation.



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