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#810521 - 07/22/09 06:07 AM Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"???

I think I am ready to try introductions with all of my girls again. We haven't swapped toys or pouches in eons, but it was done for close to 2 months before I quit trying in May. They know how the other gliders smell, their cages have been right next to each other since March. Who has tried the extreme intruduction method outlined on the Suncoast website where you put them in the tub with a clean pouch and put vanilla on them? What was your results with this method? I REALLY wanna give it a try... but I don't want to get my hopes up too high again only to have them try to kill each other. LOL

#810525 - 07/22/09 06:21 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: ]
StitchsMom Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Okay, so a friend of mine wanted help with some difficult intros. Things weren't going great, so we decided to try using vanilla because I had read about it in the past.

1. You have to put it in more places than just between the shoulder blades. One little dot of vanilla on their back will not matter if one glider is focused on the other.

2. It's sticky and gross. You get sticky and the glider gets sticky.

3. It still didn't work. The gliders didn't want anything to do with each other and the vanilla just seemed to confuse them and make them more panicky if they paid attention to it at all.

That was my experience with it. I pretty much thought it was bunk to be honest with you. I can't see myself using it again. It was messy and not worth it.
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#810526 - 07/22/09 06:33 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: StitchsMom]
flutterbye Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 11/02/08
Posts: 1022
Loc: indiana
I did the bathtub introductions. One glider per pouch on opposite ends of bath tub, no vanilla...Spice crawled over to Gingers pouch, Ginger didn't even stick her nose out, Spice crawled in and they have been together ever since. All that took less than 15 mins.

Good Luck!

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#810541 - 07/22/09 07:34 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: flutterbye]
oakley Offline
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Registered: 07/22/05
Posts: 2305
Loc: Florida, USA
I introduced a pair of joeys for someone before they bought them from me, both were around 9 weeks oop... maybe it is easier with joeys, but I just set them down in the bathroom (no tub at my house) and they sniffed noses and ran into one pouch.

I suppose it all depends on the gliders...

{{ }}

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#810556 - 07/22/09 08:23 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: oakley]

Robin. I did the same thing in the tub with my quad every time I added a new glider. I put the most laid back glider in the tub at one end and the new addition in the other end and let them explore. It has worked great every time. (I wonder what the vanilla is for?). Anyway, I have done all my intros this way with exception to Pixel and Flurry. I did them in the tent and Flurry tried to kill Pixel. The tub works for me. I would only do 2 at a time rather than all 4 at once.

#810557 - 07/22/09 08:23 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: oakley]
Jackie_Chans_Mom Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 05/01/07
Posts: 2511
Loc: Texas
I have done intros with two pairs of gliders or with single glider to a pair/trio or with two single gliders so many times I can't count them.
I have never used the vanilla and I never will. I usually do intros in my tent, but if I really trust the gliders, I do them on my bed. Just me, gliders, clean pouch and treats and we are all set.
What are your concerns? Why do you suspect that they will not go smoothly?

You are more than welcome to call me any time. 806-274-9177
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#810609 - 07/22/09 11:35 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: Jackie_Chans_Mom]

Val, I just tried to call you but the call disconnected before anyone answered.

Here's what I have tried: I have tried intros with my girls several times with no success. I think Bella and and Donna HATE Abby and Gale! My older girls are about 3-6 years old or so, and my little girls are not quite 7 months OOP. I started trying to introduce them after quarantine with little success. I put Donna in a large rubbermade tub with first Abby (The less glider aggressive of both cages), then Abby AND Gale and Donna didn't seem to mind the babies (3 months OOP at the time), even ignorning them when they tried to ride her. Bella on the other hand would grab/bite a leg or a tail and run off if she was put in the plastic tub with the babies.

Thinking that since Donna tolerated the bitty girls I would get her in with the little ones, then adding in Bella later would be easy, I put Donna in the cage with the little girls. She jumped Abby and to the bottom(From about 3 feet up!) of the flight cage they went where they promptly balled up!

I tried the tent together only to have the girls from opposite cages ball up together. The little girls always tried to get in the big girl's pouch and it terrified me! I didn't know at the time to use a clean pouch, but I blocked Abby and Gale from getting Bella and DOnna's pouch when one was in it fearing a ball up and me not being able to rescue them. I tried with no pouch, but the big girls would grab the tail or leg of one of the little girls and there would be squealing and crabbing. Regardless, the little girls always chased the big girls around the tent and wanted to sniff them. This almost always turned into an aggressive move by the older girls.

The little ones are so infatuated with Bella and Donna, they hang on the side of the cage and chitter and bark at them. But do NOT let one of them get on the other cage! Donna tried to pull Abby through the cage bars one night and about gave me a heart attack! Maybe there's too big of an age difference. But I REALLY want them to be a quad!

#810676 - 07/22/09 02:51 PM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: ]
Rieshu Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 06/15/06
Posts: 555
Loc: Florida
I did try this as well. I covered both Gliders in it..and my Kyuubi still attacked her and balled up with the other. Just my experience.

#810691 - 07/22/09 03:40 PM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: Rieshu]

I've been trying intros between two of my boys for a few months now. Every time, they ball up or chase each other. Tub or not. I even tried the vanilla and it didn't seem to help. I read somewhere about putting the "aggressor" in a travel cage in the tent and letting the other one loose in the tent so that they can get close to each other, but the "aggressor" can't chase or attack the other. I've tried that once and while the one in the cage jumps at the other glider, it didn't seem as stressful.

#810877 - 07/23/09 07:51 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: ]

I think the vanilla is just a distractor. You've got a glider thinking, "I've gotta get this off me," instead of, "I gotta get them outta my space!". I've also heard of a version of this method that uses mouthwash or mint breath spray. I've never tried it so I have no idea if it really works or not.

#810892 - 07/23/09 09:15 AM Re: Who has tried the "Extreme Introductions"??? [Re: ]
SugareeErin Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 01/21/08
Posts: 3843
Loc: Lisle, Illinois
Robin, whenever I have introduced new gliders to a of a pair that have been together I have had to seperate the bonded pair to get it to work. This has been my experience every time. I've never tried the vannilla. I do my intos in the bathtub usually, have you tried that? Those rubbermaid tubs smell funny and might freak them out a bit setting you up for failure. The bathtub is more open and less threatening to them I would think... I introed my colony-now a quad- on my bed b/c they are all very bonded to me and well behaved. They did not all get on right away, I kept tyring every day for about a week until they all were peaceful together.

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