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#812591 - 07/27/09 05:45 PM A bit of encouragement to you all!

So i have been doing the bonding steps for the past month now and we have made monumental progress:

Neo- my crabby defensive, " I hate everything about you" ,glider now understands that daddy is someone to love not to bite! She takes licky treats now and isn't afraid of my fingers or face. I'm not kidding about how bad she used to be afraid of me. crabbing and if i reached in before i calmed her down she would lunge. and one time i was gonna put my fingers' safety on the back burner and see if she was gonna "bump" me with her lunge to get me to go away...the result? a very.. VERY hard clamped on bite. but, you live and you learn and you learn to understand your gliders.

Amaliah- my always sweet always curious glider- but just a little too nippy- doesnt bite me any more. Although she does like to mess with me exclamation

She will climb up out of the pouch onto my shoulder and just chill...and wait for me to get distracted my something then she will gently nip my ear. and as i go OUCH and try to shake her away she scurries to the center of my back where i cant reach her lol. She's playing games with me laugh which is fine is doesnt hurt its startling though!

Message to all those having trouble bonding:

Don't give up. It hurts you know its gonna hurt but as i was told, almost every glider does some sort of body language before a for real BITE, mine like to sniff me for about two seconds and then slowly try to bite me. and if i leave my finger there without making a "tsst" noise i will be bitten. no blood anymore, but at one time it would have been blood everytime.

Licky treats ( honey, yogurt, etc.) are a God send. what i started doing ( be cause my gliders bite licky treats ) is i started out with honey on a spoon. when they realize that its not something to bite, they lick it. then a few moments later i put it on my finger! and try to let the gliders come to YOU for licky treats instead. This is a bonding exercise try to "push the envelope" .

Tent time- or some other glider safe small area is a must. get toys. maybe 2-3 crickets from time to time. to liven things up! a cat toy with feathers on the end is SURE to give you a good laugh or two and the gliders enjoy it too!

bonding pouches- as i have read, and i changed my ways recently " only carry your gliders, at first, where you feel they are safe to come out at their own discretion. THEY can come out when THEY want to and play when THEY want to". keep in mind this is during the bonding process.
I now enjoy taking mine out on the town with some shopping like for groceries in their bonding pouch. and people always ask whats in there or why is it moving and its so much fun seeing their reaction! i have noticed too... fast food places? you normally get an up-sized drink or an extra chicken leg or two if you show your babies off and show how cute they are wink roflmao roflmao

I have been thru the full emotion spectrum during this short time of bonding. Love, anger, sad, euphoria, content- all of the above have happened haha! just keep it up guys and gals!

Another key note- boding never ends. There is no "bonded" line that is crossed. These little steps should be taken daily with your gliders for their entire lives. It will keep you guys close and ensure good memories for years to come!

#812595 - 07/27/09 06:00 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/01/06
Posts: 21060
Loc: Kansas
clap WOW! I am so happy to hear how well your little ones are doing. You have given some wonderful tips, and offered great encouragement to others who are where you were. Time and Patience is the key! Your babies are truly blessed to have found you.
Thank you for sharing, and best of luck and happiness always.

#812597 - 07/27/09 06:02 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: LSardou]

Now whats is your theory for the peeing and pooping on me in the tent lol jk


#812601 - 07/27/09 06:05 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]

lol!! actually i have a theory about that. Don't wanna get peed on? don't touch them when they first come out of the pouch! buuut i cant figure out what to do about the pooping. lol and the peeing theory isnt bullet proof, your still gonna get a little on ya. it's how they leave a little" bread crumb" trail of where they have been.

#812610 - 07/27/09 06:22 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]

It is sooo weird. I have a pouch toy thing in the tent and when I crawl in they jump into it and after all he lights are turned off, they come out and get on my knees...always my knees or around there... and they go about their business... Jack likes to poop on my computer though. He poops a lot though. But, they always pee on me! brats!

#812647 - 07/27/09 07:04 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]

LOL maybe they just want to re-mark your clothes? i dunno thats funny haha smile

#812652 - 07/27/09 07:15 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]

They are little poopers... last night Jack laid the biggest one on my computer screen... and I watched as it slide down with a trail as I grabbed him and gave him lots of kisses... he hates kisses lol

#812654 - 07/27/09 07:17 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]

LOL!!! wow i don't know what i would have done first. grab the glider or save my computer lol

#812656 - 07/27/09 07:18 PM Re: A bit of encouragement to you all! [Re: ]

Jack needed his punishment haha He is so weird. I got the windex after that... dirty boy..haha


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