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#830170 - 08/30/09 05:04 PM Sleeping in the Wheel

Right now our cage set up is a 2x3x3 cage with a rope toy, a hanging... swing like thing, a perch, water bottles, food bowls and of course the wodent wheel and a sleeping pouch. The perch and the pouch are fairly high up as I thought that would be best as they are arboreal creatures.

They aren't using the sleeping pouch, rather choosing to sleep in the wheel. This concerns me for only one reason: I can't get them out of it. Whether I need to ge them out to check on their health or remove them for bonding time, I can't get them out of that wheel. They cling to it and will not be disengaged.

I expected them to sleep in the pouch. I slept with the darned thing to put my scent on it, and they are sleeping in the wheel.

They played with it last night, too. Mostly just Widget but I did catch Wotzit in the wheel later on as well.

Is this normal and if so, what can I do to curb the behavior in order to allow me to get them started bonding?

#830177 - 08/30/09 05:13 PM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: ]

dunno if you read your other post yet, but that might just be where they feel comfortable right now
I had also asked if they came w/ anything that had the smell of home on it?
if so, rub it all over EVERYTHING that would help w/ the process alot.
...I'm not sure, but would you be able to take the cover off of it?? I just have the silent spinner, so idk - maybe someone else will come along to help you w/ that.
I bet you can't get your hand in the wheel at all, can you?

#830251 - 08/30/09 07:28 PM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: ]

I saw it right before we went out to get a tent. Conveniently, our daughter has decided to not feel well today and it's been pretty hectic. Trying to get the last minute stuff in place for the next few weeks of bonding. I think the tent is a great idea and the LO will love it too!

Anyway, we do have the sleeping pouch that came with them. I suspect that it was theirs before it was shipped to us, but they will have NOTHING to do with it at the moment. It's in the cage and they are still using the wheel instead of the pouch. Since I'd never heard of this I was wondering if it might be a sign of illness or a behavioral problem.

Widget loves the wheel. It is HER spot. She claimed it when we first moved her in last night. I think it's very likely she is sleeping there because it's "hers" and that Wotzit is staying with Widget.

It's 8:30 and they are still konked out. I'm pretty surprised!

#830254 - 08/30/09 07:45 PM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/01/06
Posts: 21060
Loc: Kansas
Sometimes when their environment has changed they will act strange for a few days or so. If they seem to be comfortable sleeping in the wheel for now, I would let them be. One thing you will learn about these little ones is that they have a 'mind' of their own, and it's pretty difficult to do something against their will. The best technique with building a trust is to step back and let them adjust to things at their own pace.

If everything in their cage is brand new, this can also be a cause of their behavioral pattern. Did Lisa send them with pouches that they had previously? If not, you can take one, turn it inside out and wipe the entire cage down with it to get some of their smell on the inside of it. Do the same with a couple of fleece squares. The more you try and get their scent on things the easier it will be on their emotional state of mind.

Sit next to their cage, softly talk to them, and if they do start to become curious have some treats available to offer. Bribery works wonders with these little babies.

Everything is going to be alright! Be patient and understanding.

#830278 - 08/30/09 08:21 PM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: LSardou]

I'm going to try some bribery tonight. I got some Yogurt drops, but I'm going to try the "real" thing first -- the drops are specifically rabbit drops and I'm feeling uncomfortable giving them to the girls until I can do more research. The only other yogurt drops I could find were yogurt covered raisins, so they were a no-go.

In the land of brb where I got a phone call (sister is pregnant and appears she might be in labor -- a month and a half too soon!), I did the yogurt. One of them (I think Wotzit) started coming after it but then thought better of it. I'm giving them some more time. I'll try again tomorrow after my chores smile

Is there any reason I can't take them out of the cage IN the wheel for tent time?

#830537 - 08/31/09 10:19 AM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: ]
SeemsFamiliar Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 05/04/09
Posts: 183
Loc: Jonesboro, AR
I see no prob removing the wheel entirely and putting it in the tent with you. I'll move them in pouch over to the tent usually so I don't have any "yea! tent!" leaps off me to the outside of the tent.

Look in the baby section of the supermarket for yo-drops if you don't have a petstore handy or want to order them offline.

We had houseguests once and it made my girl downstairs very nervous, and she slept in her wodent wheel I think because she could duck behind or peek out at everyone and it was in a better position to do so than where the pouches were. You may also want to try to make / obtain a nest box as an alternative but they have pros and cons themselves.

Ooh! and Scent some fleece squares and put in there. Any time I have one sleep in a wheel (rare occasions or if one is like tossing and turning and keeping the other one up lol) they will take a blanket with them if available.

#830543 - 08/31/09 10:29 AM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: SeemsFamiliar]


I did that with the fleece smile I am carrying blankets with me and I put it the wheel when I figured out they weren't going to come out of there. Today they are in the sleeping pouch sleeping peacefully and every now and again making happy noises (I think it's probably Widget being vocal, but it's hard to tell when I can't see them -- she's quieter and they are quiet sounds).

I thought yo-drops were refridgerated? I'll try again tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!

#842513 - 09/22/09 11:43 AM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: ]

so glad i saw this!

My lil guy sleeps in the wheel allll the time! and I have the exact same issues, I can NOT get him for bonding time at all.

I was worried something was wrong also. Romeo only started sleeping in there when Juliet died- so I got really scared something was wrong.

I put toilet paper rolls high up by the wheel and he seems to like those- and they are really easy to get him into the pouch, I just pick up the roll and gently "dump" him into the pouch.

You can also try taking the wheel out during the day- I have tried this but its not always easy- bribe them out with yogurt or honey or baby food- once theyre out, take the wheel out too!

#842516 - 09/22/09 11:50 AM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: ]
LabNGliderMom Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 01/04/09
Posts: 3753
Loc: Florida
have you tried putting multiple sleeping pouches int he cage? Or maybe hammocks, tipi pouches, smaller or larger sleeping pouches or hanging fleece tunnels? These might encourage your wheel sleepers to sleep in mor appropriate places that make it easier to get them out... especially since toilet paper rolls can so easily become soiled and some gliders will chew/eat them.
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#842536 - 09/22/09 12:31 PM Re: Sleeping in the Wheel [Re: LabNGliderMom]
jag Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 07/29/07
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when mine go in the wheel i brighten up the room walk out the door and within minutes they are in the pouch


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