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#837051 - 09/12/09 12:22 PM Glider sounds!

We all know that gliders click and purr when they're happy, and crab when they're angry or annoyed. We also know that they bark. Most of us know what crabbing sounds like from first hand experience!

The thing is, I'm not quite sure what clicking is supposed to sound like. I hear popping sounds when Bubbles is grooming in her pouch or in my shirt, is that the clicking? If not, what's the popping sound? Is it purring? I don't know what purring sounds like either. Sometimes she kinda vibrates a bit (I know, but that's all I can think of to describe the behavior!), would that be from purring or is it shivering? It's normally 40 degrees Celsius in this country so I'm going to rule out the shivering. What exactly do these sounds sound like? How loud are they and how close do I have to be to be able to clearly hear these noises? Bubbles is popping in my shirt as I type... Hmm.

Bubbles just made some popping sounds out in the open so now I know it's nothing to do with grooming (you know how cats sometimes make popping sounds when they groom?). She stuck her head out of my shirt and popped at me!

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#837060 - 09/12/09 12:51 PM Re: Glider sounds! [Re: ]
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It sounds like she is purring. My gliders make that noise when they are content in a bonding pouch on me.

Check this link...
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#837077 - 09/12/09 01:23 PM Re: Glider sounds! [Re: Feather]

Thanks for the link! I listened to the chattering one, because at first I thought the popping would be the chattering, but the latter sounds like distinct clicks, no mistake about that. I have never heard Bubbles chattering or clicking then!

Also, when I first got her, I thought the popping noise was purring... But isn't it rare for gliders to purr? Bubbles does it for hours on end! Maybe she is just really happy with me (:

#837112 - 09/12/09 02:43 PM Re: Glider sounds! [Re: ]
JillMarie Offline
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I have heard a variety of sounds and note what is going on when they make them and came to a few conclusions myself with Arwen, keeping in mind that not every glider is the same and may make different sounds for different reasons than other gliders.

we all know the bark and crab so will skip that.

clicking. click two of your fingernails together quite fast and that is a close copy of the clicking sound. generally menas "hi happy to see you" or in the case of ONE of mine "I like the way that smells"

popping. a very slow soft type of click that sounds like a piece of popcorn popping under a blanket. or soft bubbles. Always made when sleeping in the pouch and I stick my hand in and massage them. have heard the popping change to clicks quite quickly if they wake up so assume the popping is a "sleepy" form of click.

chittering. made when eating something really yummy. figure it means "yummy" or "mine dont take this and give me another". sounds like a series of differently pitched chirps.

whispers. only my Arwen out of my gliders does this. it is sort of a soft, very soft, sort of chittering. done very "airy" like a soft whisper. only time she does it is to me. so I feel its something special for me alone and she is trying to tell me something because she will get right up to my face and look at me very intently and whisper away. I will whisper back to her and she seems happy and then goes about her business. does it mostly when she sees me after not being together a long time (like half a day LOL)

the buzz. this is hysterical! only two who do it is Arwen and her dad. when they are chasing something (hand, feather, whatever) and get going VERY fast and are getting very intent on the catch. maybe even mad as we are not letting them catch it, they make a loud buzz. we almost freaked the first time as it is very odd. like a crab sound speeded up very fast to all run together to make a buzz almost like a wasp does when flying. very funny indeed!

in addition they do make a variety of other sounds and combinations I just cant explain here.

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#837360 - 09/13/09 04:58 AM Re: Glider sounds! [Re: JillMarie]

Thanks for the Glider Sound Directory! That buzzing sound is not something I've even heard of before and neither the whispers! They sound very special (: The popping you mentioned sounds a lot like what Bubbles does, but as I said, she does it when she's awake and just chilling in the pouch or my shirt. Could it be the same thing though?

Also, have you heard your gliders purr? What does that sound like? Like a cat purr but softer?


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