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#83756 - 02/17/06 12:53 PM poorly joey

Thumbelina my joey was rejected by her mum the day before valentines day when she was about 13 days oop. she was alaways much smaller than her twin. I have tried to raise her myself but the day after valentines day she developed a bit of diarreah and stopped eating. she had a sub q fluid jab at the vets but was dehydrated again in 2 hours.
she is not eating willingly other than a few licks . i have been giving her lectade on a blob of jam to try and get more fluids into her but it is still not enough. we have just come back from the vets after another sub Q fluid jab.
she is also on antibiotics to treat any possible infections. vet suspects kidney problems as she is weeing a lot.
vet reccomended laying off the milk formula and just giving the lectatde but i feel she is too small to servive with out any food for long.
the baby mix she is on is one from suzs glider page .
i need to find a way to get maximum fluid but also food into her because she dehydrates so quickly.
any one experience this before and does anyone have any ideas ?
I have a jar of apple and rice baby food would it be ok to try her on this ?

#83757 - 02/17/06 02:14 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]

Hello and I'm sorry your going through this. I have gone through a similar thing this week and I have received some very good advice.
I have 2 topics that I asked for help on and maybe that will help you out. Read through them and there are some links also.
Confused & Need Help & I'm Back Again for Help!!

Good Luck to You and Your Joey!!

#83758 - 02/17/06 02:24 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]

Try pedialyte, no diluting. You can mix the baby bml with pedialyte, as well. Are you using a syringe, dropper, #5 French Cath, or just allowing her to lick your finger for her formula, you will most probably have to use the syringe or similar to feed this one........ I hope she makes it.....
Please keep us posted.......

#83759 - 02/17/06 05:04 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]

Im using all methods to feed her they are all pretty much the same work for one feed then next time shes not interested . i am hopeless with a syringe so usually we are doing it the licky way and with an eye dropper. she basically keeps deciding she doesnt like everything. her favourite theing is strawberry jam with pedialite in it she will lick that off a spoon so long as i dont mess with her. but if i try and help she just goes into a strop and wont eat again. will try the bml tommorow maybe its sweeter than what she is on now . at the moment she just will not touch the milk at all.

#83760 - 02/17/06 06:00 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113
When babies are severely dehydrated.... they will not eat. My suggestion is to have the vet... demonstrate to you as to how to sub q at home. Little one is so dry that one shot is not enough to rehydrate her little system if being asorbed within an hour of being administered.

Puppy milk... two parts water to one part puppy milk replacer. If you need to you can add a drop of honey to the milk to help with the sweetness. No more Jelly.

Do you have a Cather to feed with? If not... suggest pick one up from your vet. Cost is around $3. Cut till it is only about two inches long when on a 1 ml syringe.

Baby is difficult to feed the first 24 hours. After that... it should be easier. Feed every 2 hours around the clock for the first three weeks.

Antibiotics when severely dehydrated...will wreck the kidneys.

Need more to this thread.
Web site:

#83761 - 02/17/06 06:24 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]
ScootersPet Offline
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Registered: 10/09/05
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Loc: Baltimore, MD
Make sure she is warm when you try to feed her, I think i read somwhere that they wont eat if they are cold.(correct me if i am wrong)
<3 Amber

#83762 - 02/17/06 07:47 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]
Judie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 10/25/01
Posts: 9173
Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113
Yep, a cold baby will not eat nor can he digest food in his tummy. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/agree.gif" alt="" /> Baby must be kept warm( not hot) untill he is able to regulate his own body temp. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" />
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#83763 - 02/21/06 12:31 PM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]

Any updates on this little one??

#83764 - 02/22/06 05:53 AM Re: poorly joey [Re: ]

well she is still alive. she doesnt like the lactolpart of her diet at all. she will eat the baby bml and also regular baby food but if i mix half bml and half lactol she wont eat half as well and every drop takes her an age to swallow . she is 33gms now .


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