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#837827 - 09/14/09 08:11 AM Behavior Changes after a loss
glidrz5 Offline
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As we know, a gliders behaviors and personalities can change after they lose a member of their colony. One of the most dramatic changes I've seen was with Nicky. Many years ago when he lost the last member of his family (Sassy) he went from an outgoing, adventurous boy to a glider who refused to get more than a few feet away from me during playtime. It was only after getting a new cagemate that he became bold and adventurous again.

Now I'm watching my colony go through another dynamic personality shift after the loss of Bailey. My Bailey had been the leader of the colony. He was the one who went up to the others to mark them as belonging to the group. In the two weeks since he's passed, his brother Baxter is now emerging as the head of the colony and has taken over his brothers marking duties, something I hadn't seen him do much prior to this.

In addition, my Sydney is suffering from stress. She is always so mellow and doesn't show alot of negative emotion even during the toughest times, but since Bailey's death she has started to overgroom her stomach. She's always had some pouch issues but before this, she has always had fur on her tummy. Now it is bald. It looks pretty good, but is just hairless. My vet is aware of the situation and agrees that stress in combination with a pouch flare-up has most likely caused the overgrooming. We are monitoring the situation, but if it is stress realize that it could be several months before she "moves on".

So, if your colony suffers the loss of one of their members, be alert for signs of stress and behavior changes. They can be subtle changes or dramatic, but the loss will effect them all in some way.
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#837895 - 09/14/09 11:19 AM Re: Behavior Changes after a loss [Re: glidrz5]
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Poor babies. Give them all a hug from me! hug2
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