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#846135 - 09/30/09 01:10 AM Licking and chewing the cage bars?

I grew up with many gliders in my life as a kid,and now that I'm on my own I've had 6 gliders. And 6 joeys with me. I currently have 5 gliders as one pasted not to long ago. Anyways I recused two gliders about 4 daysago now, and the male to my surprise has half a tail. And the lady I got them from told that's how she got him, and does not know what happened to him, along with his very short tail he seems to enjoy licking and chewing the bars on the cage. The cage they are n is the one the lady gave me when I got them. Now I've seen many gliders, and know a far amount of people with them. And my new male Duke seems to do it all the time to the point where he is drooling on himself. I'm not sure what to make of this at all. Anyon else have this problem?

#846163 - 09/30/09 05:25 AM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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There are some gliders that chew more than others, but the fact that this male is doing it to the point of obsession and is drooling on himself concerns me worried I would clean the cage thoroughly with a diluted bleach solution and would also have him checked out by a glider knowledgeable vet. Hopefully you have the new pair of gliders quarantined away from your other gliders. They will need to remain in quarantine for at least 30 days and should be vet checked every two weeks during that time.
Suz Enyedy
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#846338 - 09/30/09 01:44 PM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: sugarglidersuz]

The cage has been cleaned. And there in there one room right now. I havnt really looked I to finding a new vet, as we just moved. But he does to it to the point of drooling. He does groom the drool off of himself. But it is very odd, this is the first glider I've seen and every know of thechews and licks the bars of the cage.

#846459 - 09/30/09 06:59 PM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: ]

I wonder if he is just marking his territory? I know it's his same cage, but being moved to a new home/owner comes with all new smells and sounds... so maybe he's just marking??

With that said, I don't know how long he's been there... and hopefully he'll adjust. It's definitely not a bad idea to get him to a vet and make sure everything is ok with him.

Maybe he has some teeth pain???

#846466 - 09/30/09 07:22 PM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: ]

Maybe. I know that I've had them for 5 days now. And he come into my home with his cage mate Dasiy. With that said they came with two joeys that are just about 2 weeks old. So maybe he is marking? I've just never seen it before I find it odd.

#846639 - 10/01/09 09:42 AM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: ]

That sounds really odd. I too would advise a vet check. When an animal exhibits obsessive compulsive behaviours or nervous repetitive behaviours it can be a sign that they are either sick or in pain and need medical attention. I would advise getting him neutered also because of his questionable past and strange behaviour. Good luck with him, I hope it is nothing serious.

#846666 - 10/01/09 10:44 AM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: ]

Thank you Kristen, I want to get all my boys neutered. Were just waiting to get some money coming back in. As we just bought a house. I've been looking into finding a new vet one that is closer to where we live.

#850439 - 10/10/09 02:07 AM Re: Licking and chewing the cage bars? [Re: ]
tlc_in_chitown Offline
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Getting your new guy vet checked ASAP, as mentioned above, is importantant just for the fact that he is new. The vet could check for any possible medical problems that may be causing him to obsessively chew to the point of drooling. I would also speak to the vet about his unknown previous tail injury. It makes me wonder if he had an accident or if he chewed his own tail. With rescues... you may never know. If the vet gives him a clean bill of health, you might want to look at all of the other factors that may be stressing him.

There should have been a quarantine period of 30 days to protect your own original 5 gliders that you have, but it seems that they are all in the same room already. Gliders do chew from stress and Duke being re-homed is most likey causing stress for him. Intact mature males sometimes chew on their cages when they hear, see, or smell other intact "New or Different" males in their living area. It is their area, even if they are the one that is new, lol. Dukes being re-homed with his mate and two young joeys is a big stress for any male. Putting him in the same room with new gliders and other intact males might be a bit much for him. He is prob protecting his joeys and trying to keep the other intact males away from "his" girlie. Are any of your orig 5 gliders intact males? How are they behaving towards the new gliders?

I have a 5 year old male that will chew/attack the cage bars and scent mark relentlessly if he can see, hear, or smell another new glider. His behavior is worse if it is an intact male. He is my only glider that can't be in the glider room with the others. He acts as if he can be the only one I own. I keep him and his companion on the main level of my home, away from the others, so he can "relax" for lack of better words. He still knows if there is another new glider upstairs in the glider room and gets aggitated even if they aren't near him, but it isn't as bad as I have seen him when he is in the same room. I feared that he would break his teeth or hurt himself of I didn't move them.

Stress can negatively affect gliders, so I would try and reduce some of his stress if you can. I would hate to hear that something happened to those babies. Can you place their cage in another room away from the other gliders? You could also try covering his cage on three sides and top (leave front open) with a large piece of fleece. This may make him feel more secure and will keep his scent enclosed in his cage. He still needs to adjust to his new home and human family. Giving them some space while they are raising their young joeys in a new home might be a good idea. Introducing him later to the others (glider room) might be easier after he is neutered and his joeys are weaned. Good Luck!!


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