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by Ladymagyver
12/06/17 06:21 PM

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#84723 - 02/23/06 07:23 PM favorite toys

What are your gliders favorite toys? I cannot get my gliders to play with anything that I have. I want to make their cage better but not sure what to get. If you can will you please post picture of your cage and toys and where you got them. Thank-you

#84724 - 02/23/06 07:46 PM Re: favorite toys [Re: Paul_H]

My husband's feet. Sorry he'll get mad if I post pics ( : LOL!!

#84725 - 02/23/06 07:56 PM Re: favorite toys [Re: ]

Sorry, I can't post a picture, but my gliders especially love their wheel, and ropes that I bought from a hardware store by the foot (about an inch thick, smooth and I think used to lead horses). I hang them from the top of their cage and tie knots in them. They also love things made out of fleece, like: their tunnel, hammock etc. And lastly, they love things that are their size, like feathers, cat teasers (on a stick with no catnip). Basically anything they can 'attack' or wrestle with, but I don't leave them in the cage. I hope this helps.

#84726 - 02/23/06 11:39 PM Re: favorite toys [Re: ]
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I put cat balls with bells in them at the bottom of my boy's cage, he carry's them to the top of his cage (5 feet up LOL) and then drops them and does it again. Barrel of monkeys, hmmmmm.........their stealth, and those no sew fleece balls. I dunno if you want pictures because most of the things are common.
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#84727 - 02/24/06 02:56 AM Re: favorite toys [Re: ]
glidrz5 Offline
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My Nickers favorite toy (other than his wheel) is a linked chain of cable ties! I link the ties....big enough that a glider can climb through them & trim off the excess really close so it doesn't leave any sharp edges (wire cutters work great for this) then I just attatch a bell to the end & hang it in the cage. Nick will spend hours trying to haul it back to his pouch. He crawls through & nabs it with his tail then tries to drag it to the pouch.
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