I know there have been alot of changes on GliderCENTRAL and I would like to explain to our members why and how they came to be. I would like to end all speculations of the whys and wherefores.

Sine it's conception,GliderCENTRAL has always been a board for the glider meant to give out information that can help the owners help the glider. It was never meant to be anything but that. There are other boards that handle different subjects and that are more "chat" boards. We are not!

For so long now, the most important part of my life has been doing all that I can do to provide further knowledge and help for our gliders. With so many forums, this board became so large that the focus on the glider was being lost. In reviewing the Stats of the board, there were more social things going on than in the Help forums. Along with the "fun" things, some folks stepped way over the flaming rule line and it became a total nightmare for the Administration and our Moderators. More time was spent sending out PM's/emails than was spent moderating the board. This will stop now as there will be a NO TOLERANCE POLICY on GC. If any flaming starts, you will be sent a PM/Email and, at the Administrations decreation and depending upon the offense, Administration will deal with it. As I said, this is NOT a chat room where people can flame others. If it starts and someone reads something that seems flaming, then if it can't be calmed down at once by the members or Mods, the posts will be moved. Remember, and this is important, people say things in print that sound totally different from the way it would sound if you were talking to them on the phone or in person. So consider that.

We have taken forums off the board to better concentrate on the gliders and to help them and to help you. For those who prefer more of a chat board, this is not for you. There are several other boards that have chat forums and I invite you to visit them. We don't want to lose you, but we have to stay the course we started in 1998 and that is "GO FOR THE GOOD OF THE GLIDER" (Quote by Cynthia Whiteshell). That is what has kept us up and running and kept many gliders alive.

The forums you see on the board now are the ones that will stay The others are not coming back for the reasons I have described. This doesn't mean we can't have fun, just that we are more focused on the glider and the meaning of this board.

I encourage all Teens to keep posting and as we have a NO TOLERANCE policy there should be no flaming of you. Chase has done a most wonderful job as the TEEN MOD. And we hope that in the future he will be able to come on as a Mod. With all that he has done for you, Teens - don't let him down now. My heart breaks that we had to lose the Teen forum but it had to be done to get to where we need to be.

Ellen, Owner GliderCENTRAL
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