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#866492 - 11/14/09 08:09 AM tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage?

So Im on the prowl for a new cage. ideally, I would like one that is double stack but I cant seem to find a nice sturdy one that has interior space as large as Id like (no less than 36 tall).. SO I wondered, is a wider, but not as tall, double stack okay or maybe 2 skinny Taller ones?

Also, I noticed a wide variety in cage decor on here. Some have minimal toys, like a wheel, a hammock, a dangly things..and others are swamped with items. I like to change out toys, but granted, this gets in their way of gliding (which Ive only seen Jack do once outside of his cage). So should the center of the cage be open or perhaps just a dangly thing? Is it better for the mental stimulation of toys or the space to exercise/glide? (this being if you cant provide both in a massive homemade 6-8ft cage of course). smile

Also, some people have things on the cage floor, and others dont. I know someone said they dont do this because they teach their Gliders to not go below the waist. Is it bad for them to be on the cage floor?

Sorry if these seem silly. I was just looking at cage entries and noticed such a variety that it sparked my curiosity.

#866517 - 11/14/09 09:22 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]
LabNGliderMom Offline
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Loc: Florida
I highly recommend these cages:

All are by the same seller, but 2 are on their ebay auctions and one is on their website. Cage World (A/K/A/ JM Exotics) their ebay auctions are cheaper than their website but regardless they offer fast shipping & good quality products

I have no idea what the "not below the waist" thing is about- my gliders frequesnt their cage floors but their floor is a grate or a pull out tray- perhaps others without this feature in their cages worry about their gliders walking or playing or eating in feces or urine.

My cage is under the contest features under "Red Hot Chili Peppers". That should give you an idea of what the top link's cage looks like in use smile

Edited by LabNGliderMom (11/14/09 09:25 AM)
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#866522 - 11/14/09 09:29 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: LabNGliderMom]

For me taller is better than wide. Gliders are arboreal, therefore feel the safest as high as they can go, their natural instinct is up. I have huge cages 7 1/2 ft high 6 1/2 ft wide.. I have had them packed full of stuff and empty, my gliders do not glide in their cages at all, either way. I dont think most gliders do.. however when you get them out in their playroom or tent.. stand back!! LOL

#866526 - 11/14/09 09:46 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]


The below the waist thing.. zimora like to climb down me and go to the floor and Im told she does this because I allow toys on her cage floor so if I didnt want her to go to the floor, then I shouldnt have things below waist level in her cage. I hope i worded that the way she explained it to me. Made sense at the time.

Ive looked at Cageworld but their cages are more on the flimsy side of what i want. I found a really nice double stack cage but its smaller than i anted too, and I cant afford to drop the $289 cageworld wants for their double stack which I think is still too small.

The room the gliders are in is our sunroom off our kitchen which is about 10 ft long with only about 2 feet wide space available to allow proper walking as it also houses this huge desk with our computer on it and the backdoor has to swing open which kills about 3 ft of the available space Thats why I would either need a double stacking or two taller but thinner cages to be side by side.

What are your recommendations on about what should be in the cage? I saw the chili pepper one. Cute.. I notice most people only have like the basics, not a lot of toys.

I have a trampoline in the center, a ball pit at the bottom, but I want to make this a higher swinging one, a couple dangly things, the wheel is side mounted and the reset toys at the top. Thats Jacks cage.

I need to hfit three cages in here.

Edited by Ninja_Jack (11/14/09 09:47 AM)

#866527 - 11/14/09 09:49 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

So what are the exact measurements of your available space?

#866533 - 11/14/09 09:54 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

lol. Okay. hold on.

okay. Think of it like a backwards L

Kinda like that
the length os the ________ is 72 that is available and 19 widest.

the | parts is available to 19wx42l in front of a window. Gosh I hope that makes sense.

Edited by Ninja_Jack (11/14/09 09:57 AM)

#866544 - 11/14/09 10:04 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

You could "try" to do a shelf cage... They come in either 16", 18" or 20" wide panels and 6" ft high..
or some people use PVC with black mesh or klubernatz wire. Either way I think your best best is to build your own.

#866551 - 11/14/09 10:14 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

I've read that's it's better to have less things in the cage so they have more room to tool around and just rotate their things out often enough to keep them interested. wink

#866580 - 11/14/09 11:51 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

Hubby is very particular about the appearance as someday we are building a house and who knows where they might end up.

I just know that ive heard conflicting..taller because of arboreal but wider because of gliding... I just wanna do the best I can with the space we have. Its for them completely, its just small right now.

#866582 - 11/14/09 11:59 AM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]
TheGliderPlayroom Offline
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Registered: 02/24/04
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If you're looking for stack cages- I bought two Q16 cages from ebay, and stacked them. I used 3 zip ties to hold the top cage in place a little better- gravity itself does a great job, but I'm paranoid, so I have a zip tie on the two sides and at the back. Each cage is 36"x23"x40", and I absolutely love it. If I had the money I'd switch most of my cages over to these. Stacking them was really easy- I took the rolling stand from the first one, and just left off the front bar that holds the cage up. The cage slid right into the stand and sat on the shelf. Then I had plenty of room to put the second one on top. The really nice part is that I can use them as separate cages with the stands if I want to later on.
The Glider Playroom
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#866583 - 11/14/09 12:09 PM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: TheGliderPlayroom]
Kiiru Offline
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Loc: Syracuse, NY
I built Yin and Yang's cage out of the pantry shelving and made it L shaped because that's the space I had available. For my kids, it's a mixture. Some of mine prefer taller vs. wide and others prefer wider vs. tall. So, my L shaped cage is 6' tall but is 3' long along the backs. It's not much but again, it's all the space I had available. frown What I do is, I tend to crowd one part of the L with toys, hammocks, bridges, vines, etc. and leave the other half somewhat bare. It gives my pair a nice mix and a choice of which side they'd rather be on. It might look funky in a square cage, but maybe you could have a section designated to clutter and the rest free of it?

Oh, my male used to refuse to go anywhere near the floor but after having their new cage with his wheel literally on the floor, he plays on the floor out of the cage a lot now. frown
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#866599 - 11/14/09 12:55 PM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: Kiiru]

Helen can you please post pictures.. I wanna see!!

#866601 - 11/14/09 01:06 PM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

well I have ziptied all wheels to the top of the cage.

Yes, Helen, I want to see too so I know what cages to look for! I was looking at two single flight cages/breeder cages but they seemed to be made of pretty flimsy metal and Jack has already proven he can chew through thin ones.

#866622 - 11/14/09 01:41 PM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]
princessmegi Offline
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For me, I put the wheels down low. My gliders are constantly running and often running around and playing on the bottom of their cages. They use it as often as the top. I try and provide several interactive toys, 1 wheel per glider, and several hiding spots and pouches. I have tons of cage sets, so every time I decorate their cage it's different. Most of my gliders will jump across the open space of their cage rather than jump to a hanging or swinging toy. If they want to play with a toy, they normally walk across the roof and crawl down the toy rather than jump to it. I've found that they like to have some open space to move around.

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#866632 - 11/14/09 01:53 PM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: princessmegi]

I had the wheels low but they were so darn loud! So we tied em to the top and havent had as much racket..although Im very leery now.. they are Wodents and I was watching Jack go in his this afternoon. I woke him while cleaning the cage, so he ran int he wheel and thats the first time I noticed the bar across the center to hold the front on and I was watching him go and I would cringe everytime he got it going good; fearful he would snap himself on it.. so yea, I think Im gonna look into a whirly one or maybe a Cruiser if I can talk the hubby into that but seeing how im gonna need three, I need something safe but affordable!

I searched q16 and well, just make note to do it under pets as apparently it stands for a lot of things. I like the q15 as well. you shave off 2 inches but its a tad cheaper. I wish they didnt have to have the stands. I dont like open stands. I use a buffet cabinet now with drawers and cabinets. But to buy two of them, it would cost just as much to get the stackable cage I want via cageworld..

Hubby wants to know if anyone knows where you can buy the galvanized metal they make bird cages out of? the thicker kind. He says if he can find it, he can build it.

#866908 - 11/14/09 11:27 PM Re: tall vs wide, crowded vs empty cage? [Re: ]

I heard you're not supposed to use galvanized metal for glider cages. Something about urinary infections or hurting their feet or something.


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