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#870959 - 11/22/09 11:00 PM Need help fast: Eating bedding?!!

Hello. What would make a Glider eat bedding?(fresh bedding(not messy), same that has always been used)I got so concerned i took the "crumble" bedding out and replaced it with newspaper.(flat, less reachable, etc.) She is STILL reaching through and eating it.

Is this dangerous?(colon impacting, etc.) Could it be a mineral deficiency? (we feed the HPW complete. with Gliderade once or twice a week) How do i stop this behavior?
would really appreciate some opinions/advice here!!!

#870982 - 11/23/09 01:46 AM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]
JillMarie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 01/03/09
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Loc: New Jersey
if she is in a cage that has a barred bottom with the plastic tray underneath, I would just remove any bedding. you really dont need to have it there. Its nice to have to soak up urine and such and makes clean up easier, but if she is grabbing at it and eating it, simple solution is remove it. the plastic tray is easy enough to wipe out everyday and this removes the risk. eating bedding can be very risky.
your glider should have a pouch or box for "nesting" in and fleece is the preferred material for pouches.
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#870996 - 11/23/09 04:46 AM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: JillMarie]
chattrbabe Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 08/10/08
Posts: 4108
Loc: Phoenix AZ
It can be dangerous if she is actually ingesting it. I used to have that problem. I now keep bare pans and wipe out every day.

#874304 - 11/29/09 11:10 AM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: chattrbabe]

Thank you so much for your responses JillMarie and Chatterbabe,...very much appreciated!!

I took the bedding out. Two night ago i put it back in, and they were eating it again last night. So, its back out again.
Now, what do i do if they HAVE in fact eaten it. What signs do i look for -in case it causes trouble?

#874318 - 11/29/09 11:32 AM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]

I would keep them in a bonding pouch with you for a day or two to keep an eye on them. If you notice lethargy or odd behaviour that could indicate distress like coming out of the pouch during the day, decreased appetite, very thin watery poops, not pooping at all, tender around the abdomen or paying a lot of attention to their abdomen. If you notice those signs you need to get to a vet immediately. Impactions are dangerous because if they occur then you have a matter of hours to save the animal, not days. Make sure you know an emergency hospital that will treat them should you need to get them there after hours. Call ahead because some clinics will not treat Gliders. I would highly advise that you not put the bedding back in at all. Good luck

#874368 - 11/29/09 01:28 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]
Zeki Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 09/10/07
Posts: 295
Loc: Indiana
Newspaper isn't the best either, because they can digest it and also Ink Poison issues , really, do consider just not using anything in the bottom of their cage, Unless you want to Use Fleece cut Squares, so they can carrie it back to their house/pouch,
Bedding has impacted my dog, so I would hate to see what it would do to a glider..

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#874519 - 11/29/09 05:54 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: Zeki]

Eden and Zeki, thank you so much for your responses, very much appreciated; a pleasure to meet you both~

I have decided to keep the tray bare; it's just too risky.
I am, and will, be keeping an eye on them. Since they were pouched all day long yesterday, i am leeting them sleep in their bowl until time to wake up; then im making sure everyone goes to the restroom both ways, and we will hold all of the girls and see if any act "tender" in the abdomen.
I will keep a very close watch on them for the next couple of days, and a close watch for the next week or so.

Thank you for all your help; i've written down the list of symptoms you provided. (and i'll look up more)

Have y'all faced a glider eating their bedding??

#874921 - 11/30/09 04:54 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]

just thought i'd give an update: so far, everyone is doing great. Everyone is "going" well, and normal (B'H") and is active and eating.
in fact, last night was pretty great. Good eating, good playing, good bonding time....good stuff!

I'm still keeping an eye on them for the rest of the week though...
thank you ladies for all your help

#874942 - 11/30/09 05:58 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]
suggiemom1980 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/05/07
Posts: 13746
Loc: Vincennes, IN, USA
Do they have toys and a wheel in their cage? Maybe they were messing with the bedding because they were bored?

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#874980 - 11/30/09 11:34 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: suggiemom1980]

Hello Suggiemom,

Three wheels, two ropes, a swing, two hammocks and some nesting clothes

i'm hoping that's enough- for now at least...

OH!, and their bowl....they LOVE that bowl....

#875038 - 12/01/09 09:16 AM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]
Their_mommy Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 11/07/06
Posts: 767
Loc: Canton Tx
Hi Zeal, welcome to the boards. I am wondering if you are feeding anything besides the HPW?
Are you feeding veggies and such?
They may be looking for solid food.
Let us know on that ok.
As for the tray. I use paper and have never had anyone eat it but have seen both that are caged reach through for a piece of fallen food.
As time goes by and my loves pass. I will forever be greatfull for the time we had together. I will see you soon my loves.

#875063 - 12/01/09 10:12 AM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: Their_mommy]

Thats awesome that they are doing well. Thankfully, if they have not developed any blockage within the first 2-3 days then you know they are fine because that is how long it would take for everything to pass through their digestive system. You can breath a sigh of relief now lol!! smile

#875428 - 12/01/09 09:01 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]

Hello Ladies, a pleasure to meet you~

Their_Mommy: Thank you for replying; I am feeding the "HPW complete"- 1 Tbsp mixed veggies, 1 Tbsp. mixed fruit(mixed as in, two to three different veegies and fruits each, mixed together--and those kinds are varied as well) I, as i've read to do, also give small portion of gliderade once or twice a week. They also have a "glider complete" supplement pellet that gets left in the cage- 1-2 Tbsp. total, only, for all five gliders.

Eden: Thank you for replying and for the encouragement...I'm still keeping an eye on them since it's only been two days since this last "episode."

#875525 - 12/01/09 11:52 PM Re: Need help fast: Eating bedding?!! [Re: ]
Their_mommy Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 11/07/06
Posts: 767
Loc: Canton Tx
Hi Zeal, thanks for letting us know about what you are feeding, sounds like everything is just right for them and they just like to read the paper:)
Hope everything works our for your little fuzz butts and they quit reaching for things that they shouldn't
As time goes by and my loves pass. I will forever be greatfull for the time we had together. I will see you soon my loves.


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