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#875709 - 12/02/09 12:54 PM New biting behavior
Berg Offline
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We have had our two gliders 8 weeks today( time flies!), and we have enjoyed watching them develop and bond to us over that time. Recently, though, the female (Foehn) has increased her biting activity and I'm somewhat at a loss to account for it. I usually give them a licky treat in the morning when I come out to get ready to leave for work. Over the last two weeks this has progressed to the point that they both come to the front of the cage as soon as the hear me (pretty cool, actually cool ). In the last few days Foehn has started chomping on my finger sometimes before even taking a lick. Meanwhile, CB just licks away holding on to my finger for dear life!

I have not changed the routine in the last four weeks. I make it a point to wash my hands before I give them their treat to remove any traces of shampoo, after shave, etc., and we have not changed soap or anything. They both did occasionally nip me before, but usually when my finger was almost clean. Reloading early helped that.

Today I delivered their treat on the handle end of a wooden spoon just to see what would happen. Foehn actually climbed on to the handle and nipped my finger which was about 4-6 inches back while there was still yogurt on the handle end (which CB was enjoying). That really surprised me.

She also has been biting more in the tent. In the midst of running around she will nip your finger if it's available. None of the bites seem to be aggressive, but they are becoming more frequent and a little annoying especially when I don't see it coming. She nipped me this morning when I went back into their cage to retrieve their empty food dish. I hate to jump or pull back but it's hard not to when it's unexpected. The other morning I got my left hand, which was holding the yogurt, too close the cage while I was closing the door. She nipped my finger through the cage. I jerked back and dumped yogurt all over my clean shirt. ohwell

She will let us pet her without biting (even in the pouch), and she will jump and run on us when we are in the tent, so fear doesn't seem to be a factor.

They both are now 6 months OOP. I'm somewhat at a loss to explain her behavior, so I'm wondering if more experienced owners have seen this kind of development before.

Is it a stage, puberty, the phase of the moon??? Any suggestions for breaking her of this would be welcome as well. BTW - hissing doesn't work, but blowing on her does for a real short time. She backs off, but then comes right back and bites again.

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#875744 - 12/02/09 02:08 PM Re: New biting behavior [Re: Berg]

I have had my girls for a little over 3 months now and this sounds exactly like what is happening to me. Annie will just be playing along and then run up to my hand and bite something. A thumb, pinkie, knuckle...whatever is closest. She is NOT trying to make me stop doing something or trying to get me TO do's just random!! I hope someone comes along with an idea for this one. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with this sort of new behavior!!

#875936 - 12/02/09 07:45 PM Re: New biting behavior [Re: ]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
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They are going through a nipping stage, just like kids they are testing their boundries.

You can try making a hissing sound when she is trying to bite. It helped me with one of my naughty nibblers.
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#878119 - 12/07/09 02:17 PM Re: New biting behavior [Re: Feather]

Maybe repeated blowing on her will make her stop? Do it when she bites only.

When I first got Isis, she was very active after I switch off the lights to sleep. She would climb around her cage and would look for a way to escape.

She was consistently biting this particular part of the cage. I would wake up and blow at her. She would make a big round around the cage and come back for another bite, in which I will blow at her again. Sometimes she keeps biting and I will keep blowing at her till she crabs.

Now she stops biting the cage.

#885446 - 12/22/09 02:27 PM Re: New biting behavior [Re: ]

I have the same gliders are over 2 years old. I have had them for about three weeks now. they are getting very comfortable with me and last night as they were running and jumping around they would climb up my back and bit the back of my neck then run off almost like it was a game...then a few min. later do it again...each did this at different times... I eventually put my hoodie up so they couldn't get back there...they bit my finger and my toe once after this and then stopped for the maybe it is just a testing phase for us new family members...I hope it is a sign of acceptance or doesn't seem like aggression even though it hurts...I plan to see how things go in the next week...I wish us all LUCK>>>

#885448 - 12/22/09 02:30 PM Re: New biting behavior [Re: ]

Oh an hissing doesn't work for me...I have a pretty good pain tolerence so I would hiss, and hiss, and hiss all while they are chewing away, but I finally have to touch them to get them to stop...


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