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#90013 - 03/21/06 09:13 PM joey bml...

okay, i'm having a mental malfunction of something. joey bml. what is the difference btwn it and regular bml...
i remember somewhere someone saying to take out the wheat germ. someone else said no egg shells... someone else said no honey because of the joey's ability to regulate blood sugar
...i'm not the brightest bulb, but i want to do things rignt. i can't find a link anywhere. or maybe i'm looking in the wrong places... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worried2.gif" alt="" />
anyone able to point me in the right direction?

#90014 - 03/21/06 10:22 PM Re: joey bml... [Re: ]

here is the recipe for joey BML:

Baby BML (Judie’s Version)

In a blender or food processor thoroughly mix:

* 1/2 cup Honey

* 2 ounces Gerber® Yogurt Juice

* 2 ounces baby juice, any flavor

* -2- 2.5 ounce jars Chicken Baby Food without garlic or onion powder

* -1- 4 ounce jar "Stage 2" Sweet Potatoes Baby Food

* 1/2 cup dry baby cereal

* 2 tsp. RepCal®

Then add & blend thoroughly:

* 1 Hard-boiled Egg without the shellThen add & blend for 15 seconds:

* 1 tsp. Herptivite® vitamin supplement


Joey BML Recipe


* 1 boiled egg, shell removed
* 4 oz bottle premixed Gerber Fruit Juice with Yogurt (Banana or Mixed Fruit)
if you can not find this, then use 2 oz of fruit juice and 2oz of plain yogurt.
* 1 teaspoon RepCal Herptivite Vitamin Supplement
* 2 teaspoons RepCal Calcium Supplement with Vitamin D3 Phosphorous Free
* 4 oz of Chicken Baby food (NO GARLIC OR ONION)
* 1/2 cup of Honey
* 1/4 cup of apple juice
* 1/2 cup dry Heinz or Gerber dry baby cereal (Mixed, Oatmeal, or Rice with Fruit Bits)

Put egg, honey and apple juice in electric blender. Blend. Add the yogurt with juice and RepCal Herptivite Vitamin Supplement. Blend. Add RepCal Calcium supplement, chicken baby food, and dry baby cereal. Blend. Pour into ice cube frays and freeze. This recipe will have the same consistency of ice cream. One cube is about 2 table spoons.

The first one is a modified version--adding baby sweet potatoe food--

Edited by misiababy86 (03/21/06 10:28 PM)

#90015 - 03/22/06 06:24 AM Re: joey bml... [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]I was going to post the recipe for Judie's Version of Baby BML, but Athena already cut & pasted it from my site! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
I haven't heard of leaving out the honey before, I don't think that's really an issue.
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