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#90515 - 03/24/06 09:49 PM A sad reminder

Hi ieveryone,
I just wanted to pass on a sad warning.
Yesterday, there was a house fire, and one of the apartments in question was home to someone with numerous poisonous pet snakes and reptiles. Anyway, "a concern existed about relocating the critters safely because they were in immovable cages" "Luckily, the fire didn't spread to that apartment, but even if it did, they decided not to move them because of the risk." (The Daily Courier) <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
While I'll admit that I'm not fond of snakes or reptiles, I can't imagine just leaving them to burn alive <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> So, please make sure you have a system in place to evacuate your gliders and other pets. And since I currently don't have a great system, feel free to share your evacuation plans.

#90516 - 03/24/06 10:18 PM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]

Jessyca, thank you for this post. I live in an apartment and I never really thought much about establishing an evacuation plan for my suggies, just the kids and myself (before getting the suggies). I'm going to talk to my building manager on Monday. She LOVES my suggies and I'm sure if I were at work she would make every effort to get them out for me.

#90517 - 03/24/06 10:26 PM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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Under each cage of gliders I have a travel cage that I can just put them in at once under any reasons. They all have their cages and an extra pouch and bottle water. I try and stay ready for anyting that can save them. If I have to "drop" them out of the window in the cage I would. Thank God I have never had to do that.
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#90518 - 03/24/06 11:17 PM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]

suggiemom2three, I don't want to be a downer on this, but I wouldn't count on anyone else to take care of your animals in case of emergency. I recently had some idiot run into the gas line by my apartment and they had to evacuate the entire block. Fortunately, my boyfriend and I were home so I was able to gather up the suggies and the hedgehogs. We weren't allowed to start any vehicles so I was outside in a sweater in Febuary with an animal carrier with hedgehogs and a pouchful of suggies under my shirt. I was fortunate in that my parents live down the road and came to pick us up once we had walked far enough away. They also had a spare bird cage to put the suggies in for the night. Since the leak was alongside one of our walls, we weren't allowed back in for several hours. I'm just not sure what would have happened if we were not home. Since there was gas that leaked in the apartment, all of the windows and doors had to be open for several hours before the gas company and fire/police department would allow us to return. I'm currently working on putting together my emergency glider first aid kit as well as my evacuation kit, but there are some situations I'm afraid of and will forever be. I just do not think that anyone else would've been able to get in the apartment to get the animals out because 1). police wouldn't let them 2). danger to themselves and 3). not sure how long it would have taken them to go with people they do not know well. Hopefully, none of us will ever have to experience this!

#90519 - 03/24/06 11:37 PM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]
angelic4296 Offline
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Thanks for the post, I have a travel carrier, but not a travel cage, which is something I think after reading this I should invest in...luckily, Giz has 6 or 7 pouches and tons of blankies, but that cage is a good idea Ellen, thanks.....

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#90520 - 03/25/06 12:35 AM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]

I have stickers on my windows and doors that I got from some fire safety rally that list the number of people and pets in the house to let the firemen know. Obviously they would first make sure all the people were out, but since it is on the sticker, hopefully if it wasn't too much of a risk to thier men's safety and there was time, I hope they would do the best they could to save the critters too.

#90521 - 03/25/06 12:42 AM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]
SugarBlossoms Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Loc: USA
I'm never ever leaving this house again!

Without my gliders that is. I have them ready for evacuation but you never know. It's scary!

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#90522 - 03/25/06 01:08 PM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]

Magilarilla, I wouldn't depend on anyone else if I were home at the time, however, since I work an hour from where I live it would be a possibility that I would have no choice but to depend on someone else to help out in an emergency. As with my own children, nobody could ever love or care for them as well as I can, but there are people I would trust to substitute in certain situations. After reading this post though, I will definitely be coming up with a contingency plan. In fact, the travel cages ARE a great idea and if you check out my ad on Glider Things, you'll see a great one. It pops up in an instant and folds down the size of a dinner plate so it's very easy to store under a cage. It comes completely customized with toys, feeding dishes, etc., so it would be a great addition to anyone's travel/evacuation kit. Geeez, I do sound like a commercial. Didn't mean to, it just occured to me that it might have more uses than I had at first considered...LOL

#90523 - 03/26/06 01:49 AM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]
myprideandjoys Offline
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I have sat and thought about this alot.My children are at one end ofd the house and my suggies are in my livingroom. I've told my girls to grab thier brother and go out the window while I grab my dogs and suggies. The only ones I have problem with is my fish. I have a trvel cage that is in my truck for emrgencie.
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#90524 - 03/27/06 11:07 AM Re: A sad reminder [Re: ]

I have 3 cats, 2 ferrets, and 2 gliders. My cats have their own carriers, my ferrets have a carry bag, and my gliders have their pouch. Even if it's night time, the cage can and will come with us for the gliders. Even their large one will fit in the car, albeit sideways, but if we turn it carefully it won't matter. That and lifting the cage causes my gliders to head back to their pouch, so I can just drawstring it closed and head out. 2 of my cats will get into their carriers pretty much on command. Plop them down in front of them and in they go. My 3rd cat is a love bug so all it would take is calling to her and I could get her into her carrier. The ferts would be a matter of scoop and drop them into their carry bag. Carriers can be stacked on the backseat of the car, the ferts and gliders sit up front with me, my fiancee and i drive off. That's our rescue plan. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


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