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#90583 - 03/25/06 07:16 PM Waterfalls and habitat enrichment.

Okay, I've ordered a e. cascea eucalyptus tree to place in my furbutts' cage. However, I've heard that eucalyptus is hard to grow indoors without the right humidity. Now, I contemplated simply using a humidifier, but I was wondering if something that would also possibly add to enviornmental enrichment would be safe to use. In particular the Exo Terra Waterfall.

I know gliders don't swim, but this seems shallow enough. Since sugar gliders' native habitiat is tropical canopys, I presume their humidity tolerance is considerably high. But what do you all think? Will having a fountain in their cage be helpful or harmful. I'm NOT considering using this for drinking water, BTW. I plan to keep their bottle quite full.

Also, in the future when I have the money, I'd like to build a greenhouse onto my house where my gliders could live and jump among glider-safe plants to their hearts content. Any recommendations on ways to make this a SAFE future habitat?


#90584 - 03/25/06 07:22 PM Re: Waterfalls and habitat enrichment. [Re: ]

I honestly dont' know, I hope someone comes along soon who does though. I am completely intrigued w/ your ideas! I've been thinking a lot this week about making a new cage set up that is more natural and outdoorsy looking! I LOVE the waterfall. What I'm wondering about is, does it have a cord? I know they could get injured if they chewed through the wire. I'm very interested to see where thsi goes!

#90585 - 03/25/06 07:39 PM Re: Waterfalls and habitat enrichment. [Re: ]

I have a friend who uses a fountain in her playroom all the time. She fills it with bottled water and fills the bottom with pretty rocks so the water can't pool, but the gliders can go get a drink whenever they want to while out playing. I think it's an awesome idea!!

#90586 - 03/25/06 07:42 PM Re: Waterfalls and habitat enrichment. [Re: ]

I like the bottled water idea, I was just thinking that you wouldn't really be able to keep them from drinking it... even with a full water bottle.

#90587 - 03/25/06 10:28 PM Re: Waterfalls and habitat enrichment. [Re: ]

As long as its safe water then I dont think it would be a problem if they drank it.

#90588 - 03/26/06 09:25 AM Re: Waterfalls and habitat enrichment. [Re: ]

Yes, it has a cord, but I was thinking I could put it against the back of the cage and run the cord directly out through the mesh so that they couldn't get to it. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

The idea about having one in the playroom is interesting. I may go ahead and pick it up and set it up in a corner of the room until I get a "yay" or "nay" on placing it directly in the cage.


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