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#913153 - 02/28/10 01:01 PM Adopting blind gliders - Any advice?

I've been reading around this section of the forum, but I figured I'd make a post to see if anyone has any tried & true advice that worked best for their own blind gliders.

The female is 100% blind. The male is blind in one eye. *Male will be neutered before adoption. No breeding!*

I have a little bit of a wait as he's currently on medication, and once his eye infection is healed, he'll get neutered, and THEN he'll be ready to be adopted. For that reason, I am waiting so they can come home together, although they are separated right now, the cages are next to each other at their foster home so they can at least sense each other.

I know a main concern is to set the cage up the same. If I replace a hammock, put the new on in the same place, same with toys, food bowl, water bottle, etc.

Anyways, feel free to share advice so I can provide the best for these gliders!

Thanks in advance!

#913226 - 02/28/10 04:17 PM Re: Adopting blind gliders - Any advice? [Re: ]
sugarlope Offline
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I have heard a couple different scenarios - turn a cage on it's side, so it is longer than it is tall. That way if they miss what they are going for, they do not fall very far. But you can also place hammocks in a tall cage in such a way that there isn't anywhere in their cage that they would fall more than a couple of feet.

As you said, not moving things is important, so they can get used to where things are instinctively rather than worrying about walking/jumping into things.

You will get to know your gliders and their preferences, some gliders do not like toys that move and some gliders do. With blind gliders, my instinct would be to make sure all the toys are connected, so they know right where they are all the time. Versus swinging and spinning and being unsure of where to jump. dunno
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#913322 - 02/28/10 10:20 PM Re: Adopting blind gliders - Any advice? [Re: sugarlope]

I would just like to give you props for adopting gliders that may have never found a home. Congrats, and a thank you for giving these guys a good home.

#913359 - 03/01/10 12:09 AM Re: Adopting blind gliders - Any advice? [Re: ]

Kudos to you for taking on these little guys!

We have a male glider who is mostly blind named Zeus.

You have received good advice so far about keeping the cage mostly the same. This seems logical to me for a blind glider.

You CAN still take your gliders out for playtime in a glider-proofed area once they are used to you and seem like they are feeling secure. I would not do this until they are used to you and your voice and will come to you for treats. Spend a lot of time talking to them and feeding them goodies. They will soon learn that your voice means treats! Then, it would be safe for playtime. I would recommend making sure you have a soft surface on the floor, and again, stringing toys together so it is easy for them to climb around. Keeping toys in the same format nightly will probably make them more comfortable.

With Zeus, he actually does appreciate the variety of his toys moving around every so often; then again, he is only partially blind. We find sometimes he does glide for things and misses! But luckily he bounces pretty well! tounge He also can be quite skittish, so we move slowly around him and speak to him to help him calm down. He really does quite well though!

Best of luck you to smile

#921223 - 03/20/10 01:14 AM Re: Adopting blind gliders - Any advice? [Re: ]

Hi there. I am new here but I have blind gliders. Regan is fully blind. Gremlin is partially blind. i have had Grem since he was a baby and he had slightly light pupils. Now he just has one fully white pupil and one slightly that way. I am most certain that he sees quite a bit. He became blind due to the horrendous breeders that I got him from that fed the parents hot dogs quite frequently causing lipid build up behind his eyes from drinking fatty milk from mom. My vet actually suggested vit A oil to mix in with his bml mix,and that is what I have done ever since. His sight is much improved. Regan however will never see. Her blindness looks more like cataract type. She however is my MOST active glider. She is up before everyone else and goes to bed last. She plays FAR more than the rest and she is just a riot to watch. I have LOTS of stimulating things in their cage to keep her busy, though her favorite thing to do is jump circles on her hammock. She seems to get along just fine as does Grem. I hardly ever have any problems with either one of them.


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