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#923791 - 03/27/10 06:55 PM Elder Sugar Glider Care?

Ok, To start off..
I got an email, From an on-viewer whom was looking at my website. They asked If I could take a sugar glider that needed a home. Of course I said yes!

These people met me, gave me a scared sugar glider that was in a cardboard cerial box. This poor girl seemed very upset. The guy said "shes yours now!, Careful with her shes vicious"

But I got her home, I noticed she was very different from my sugar gliders. To start she was emaciated, I could feel every bone. I e-mailed them to ask a few questions, Like diet.. age... name... Just the importance they we're so in a rush they couldn't tell me when we met.

They said her background is: She lived with their daughter for TWELVE years. Their daughter moved off and left her behind, They didnt know how to care for her. (Even though she lived in their home for 12 years!)

I asked her diet, They couldn't tell me anything as their daughter normally fed her. Oh! and she didnt have a name, I named her Grandma.

So, I got her to the doctor, She got a MUCH needed nail clipping and stool test.

She is not mean, Very nice. But I have never had such an elder glider, What all should I do for this girl? Anything that can make her feel more comforable? I have had her for about 3-4 months and she is very healthy now. But, Is there anything special I can be doing for this elder girl?

They didnt give me a cage with her, I would assume she didnt have a very nice one. In my home she has "neighbores". They also said she had never met another sugar glider, Is it possible to introduce her to another glider? Is it possible to get her a cage mate around her age?

#923795 - 03/27/10 07:20 PM Re: Elder Sugar Glider Care? [Re: ]

that sounds so sad shes lucky you came along good luck with her, your great for taking her,her life will only be better now .i dont get why people get these guys if they dont have at least 2 its just wrong. all the best .

#923800 - 03/27/10 07:53 PM Re: Elder Sugar Glider Care? [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Bless your heart for taking her under the conditions as they were. I would say that as long as she was given a clean bill of health, teeth look good, mobility is good, activity levels good, eye sight good, there should be no reason to treat her differently than the others.

If she is 'slow' and has poor reflexes, I suggest that you set her cage up to where she doesn't have to climb around for things. Keep items low to protect her from falling.

As far as introducing her, that would be something that you will need to use your own judgment on. I would say for the time being, you could place her cage next to the others (about 4-6 inches apart) to see how they respond first. If all appears to look and sound alright, you can start by switching pouches, toys, get the scents passed around.

When it comes down to where you feel ready to try face to face, be sure that they are in a 'neutral' area and be on guard for any signs of discord. I would take this step very slowly, and with extreme caution.

I hope all goes well, good luck, and please keep us posted.

#923813 - 03/27/10 08:18 PM Re: Elder Sugar Glider Care? [Re: LSardou]
glidrz5 Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Older gliders can integrate very well with new friends. You don't necessarially need to introduce gliders of the same age. You could introduce her to a younger glider or even a pair of younger gliders. My Nicky is 12+ years and was successfully introduced into a colony of 4 about a year ago. He is very happy with them and they look out for the "old man".

Health wise, He is shakier now than he was when he was younger and more tentative when stepping down (he used to be my daredevil) and tends to be lazier now....more of a pouch potato. But he still enjoys coming out and seeing me and munching his food. He is also losing his perepherial vision (which contributes to his tentativeness when getting off of things) I just go a bit slower when putting him back into his cage and try not to move things around too much so he is comfortable and knows where things are even if he can't see them as well. In the future as his vision worsens I will add more hammocks to the cage in case he would lose his grip.
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#923932 - 03/28/10 09:16 AM Re: Elder Sugar Glider Care? [Re: glidrz5]

Yes, She did loose her grip last night and fell. I felt horrible and this is the first time shes done this.
She is shakey, I believe she has impared vision as well. She was a little shooken up with the fall, But I would be too! Heck, I was! But I took all her extras out because it seemed her nails kept getting stuck even after her nail trim at the vets office. She wont run on a wheel, Doc says she most likey has arthritis. Should I put more hammoks in? I did already make a "make shift" shelf in her cage so I could put her pouch closer to the ground. Its high enough for her, But not really high.

She loves feeding time, She races to the bottom of the cage before I even get her bowl out. By the time I bring it back she's just sitting there waiting! This is her favorit time of day, Feeding time! Hopefully I can make her favorit time of day, Play time with a new friend. Eventually...

Her neighbore Zombie seems to have really taken a big interest in her, But the two girls are bossy and rude through the cage. Thats great news that she can have a younger glider! I am going to try to introduce her, I may now keep one of my joeys to befriend her. Female of course!

I also put her pouch close to the side of the cage for easier climbing. Then a board between them so that she can rest peacefully without see'ing her neighbores.

Thats great news to hear that elder gliders can be-friend others! I think every suggie needs a friend.


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