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#9345 - 08/22/03 07:53 PM The Adventures of Stewie & Dewey: Lost Glider?

Hello Everyone!

I am here to tell you of the Adventures of Stewie & Dewey. You have no idea how much trouble these two have caused me. I have lost them anywhere for a few minutes, to a few hours. Many gray hairs have sprouted over these guys.

One of the most rememberable (and first losing, if I am correct) is when my dad came back from Indiana, and I had to help him carry in things and such. Well, I had my lovely gliders on me, and I was all over the place that day. Outside, inside, and all around. Well, I check my bra (for that is where they stayed that day) and I realized Dewey wasn't there! Needless to say, I freaked, and searched everywhere for him. I did as the people suggested, closed all rooms, closed toliet lids, and the whole nine years. After several hours, still no avail. Finally, after 8 or more hours, my sister said she hear something near the computer. Well, I thought I had heard something similar before as well, so I decided to investigate. It turns out it was a bag I over looked before. NEver over look ANYTHING! Well, that is where that little bugger was.

Other times have been when the gliders actually manage to open the pouch themselves. Another time Dewey escaped was for a few hours again. The thing is, in my kitchen, there are these one inch spaces underneath the cabinents big enough to crawl into. Well, Dewey managed to run his little self to there and crawl inside. Being daylight, NOTHING would get him out. So what I did at 10 PM was turn off ALL of the lights in the house, and put some food out. Now the house was pitch black, and, what I did was take a flashlight and look in the area as to where he would be. Well, I found that sweet guy.

Before, I always used to let my gliders sleep in this drawer at the computer desk. Well, once when Stewie got lost, all I had to do was go to that drawer (it has this hole that he could just climb into) and open it. Well, he was inside of it. Simple as that. I knew where he would mostly likely go, and I found him!

Once, one of the boys actually jumped off of me while I was outside onto this dog link fence. I realized this and quickly got him back. Outside is the place where you have to be the most careful. Going outside is very dangerous and your glider must be really bonded if you want to risk this. Luckily the link fenec was only 6' tall, and, needless to say, I don't go outside with them like that anymore.

Now recently, I had a nerve-wrecking experience. I was in the car with my gliders in a glider backpack, and well, While Dewey now like the comfort of the pouch (normally) Stewie has the love for adventure. So, in the car, I was getting ready for this freshman orientation, and, we pull into the place. I then look in the pouch and realize that Stewie was not inside. Calmly I looked throughout the car, but I couldn't find it. I started to get nervouse and look through everything. I still couldn't find him. The orientation was about to begin, and still no glider numbero dos. Well, my mum said we had to go and I had to leave poor Stewie in the car. I was going insane at this point, and was [censored] out. I now know I should've remained calm. He could be in the DASHBOARD for all I knew. Well, I go inside, and my mum calls my sister to go see if she could look for him. Now, they go to the car and look around. Under the seats and all that. Then Alexis has the idea to go to where the Spare Tire was. Well, there he was inbetween a spare tire thing and Fabric. In a place, that you could say was "Glider sized".Her friend Julia goes and snatched him out of there. The time elapsed from when I lost him and to when he was found was 30 minutes. Needless to say those were the longest 30 minutes of my life. Finally she came back with him. I was so unbelievably relived.

Now just, 2 days ago, I accidentally fell asleep on the couch. Well, the little Glider poos got into their night cycle and got out of their pouch. Well, it wasn't until the next morning that one of the gliders was missing. My sister had found Dewey, but Stewie was no where to be found. Knowing that by this time I had become an experient in what to do if you lose a glider, I remained calm. I looked around for about, 30 seconds, and woe and behold, there Stewie was a bout 4 feet away from the cage. I scooped him up and put him away.

With all this being said, be sure of the following:

1.Know where your glider is AT ALL TIMES. Be sure to check perodically that your glider is still in your pouch/shirt. Now, having only one glider, this is rarely an issue, but 2, it's harder. Because you think you have both and in reality one of them may have run off. Expecially if you know your glider may become a bit more active at that time.

2. Find out if yor glider is capable of opening it's pouch. Now, my gliders are capable of opening zippers, drawstrings, just about everything. Also, as a normal precaution, make sure there are no holes or potential holes coming up. If your glider does know how to open refer to number 1.

In the Event that your Glider does get lost, do the following:

1. Remain Calm. A Clear head is so useful at a time like this. Just keep in mind, you WILL find your glider, it's just a matter of when you will.

2. Know your glider. Where do you think he/she normally would go? Is your cage on the floor that you lost him/her. If so (if possible) leave it open so they can go inside. Does your glider have a certain place that he/she prefers the most beside's it's cage?

2. Close all doors. Close toliet seats. This way, your glider will most likely be in one of the rooms.

3. Check each room VERY carefully. ARe there any glider sized holes that they could get into, or crawl under? If there is any possibilty, go to number 5.

4. Go through all the rooms. And then go again. If possible, turn off all of the lights and make your house as dark as possibly. If it is day time, try to make it as dark as possible.

5. If in the event there is some hole or glider place your glider could go into, or it is too light and your glider probably won't buldge at that tie, leave food at places where you think your gliders would mostly be. Now, close off that room and go check the other rooms.

6. If you are still unable to find your glider and it is starting to get dark, get a flashlight. Go into each room quietly and check to see if the food has been touch at all. Stand there quietly and listen for even the slightest noise at all. Hearing for any glider movement is a huge help to give you some sort of idea where your glider might be. If it is dark your glider will most likely be running around at that time.

7. If you do find your glider, congratulations! Try to approach it calmly and non-threatening. The last thing you wnat is it to go run off where it is. Perhaps offer a treat, or, if worst comes to worst, throw a towel over you glider to make sure it doesn't get away.

8. Good Luck!!

I hope this has helped a litle bit. I know how it is to "misplace" a glider, and, well, through all these experiences with my two Houdinis, I hope that this will be useful to some.

Take Care!


#9346 - 08/22/03 09:48 PM Re: The Adventures of Stewie & Dewey: Lost Glider? [Re: ]

That's really great advice! I'm going to have to get my brother to read this post for sure. He's got a glider that is, like Stewie, very adventurous and we have had many long, long minutes and hours trying to find her newest hiding place. It is SO emotionally draining knowing you've got a baby on the loose.
Almost 100% of the time we have found her just by being very quiet, turning off lights and listening for her. Those little claws give them away pretty quickly!
One thing that I'm always worried about is leaving doors and windows open in the room in which the gliders stay. I always keep doors closed and windows shut all the way (also good to have screens on the windows) and I make sure they cannot escape under the doorway. If it's a space that's big enough for them to crawl through under the door, you can get a wooden threshold from Home Depot or stuff a towel in the space.

My favorite piece of advice is your Number One 'Rule'--ALWAYS know where your babies are. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#9347 - 08/28/03 05:44 AM Re: The Adventures of Stewie & Dewey: Lost Glider? [Re: ]

Another thing for your list: don't sit on the couch! My glider loves to hide in the couch, I'm always afraid I might sit on im while he's hiding in the couch if he ever gets loose.

#9348 - 08/28/03 01:13 PM Re: The Adventures of Stewie & Dewey: Lost Glider? [Re: ]
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Great advice! Also, look high as well as look low. They could be ANYwhere. If you have them accustomed to the sound of a treat can shaking, carry that around and shake it as you call their name. It might bring them out. Put water in a shallow bowl as well as food out, so they don't get dehydrated (if they end up finding the feeding station).
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#9349 - 10/09/03 02:06 PM Re: The Adventures of Stewie & Dewey: Lost Glider? [Re: ]

I definately agree with the last reply, look high as well as low. I was looking everywhere for Emma one night (she loves to explore) and I decided to close the door to the room I was looking for her in. It is a good thing the little ones are quick. She caught herself on the door frame. I had failed to look on top of the door! When I closed the door I knocked her off. She is ok though and I check the tops of the doors now when I am looking for her (or just close the doors, but she still climbs the door frames). They will keep you searching.
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