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#9360 - 08/25/03 01:20 AM Giardia info?

I looked online for giardia info, and it pretty much gave me is one link...does anyone else have a link or something specific to gliders, or at least small mammals?

All info would be appreciated, I'm still doing my "homeowrk" about gliders and their care and concerns, I don't think I'll EVER be done though, these babies should have volumns of books about them for the "lay person" to read/own that are better than the few little ones out there (HINT HINT!!!!!!) lol

#9361 - 08/25/03 10:12 AM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]
Karin Offline
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Here is some reading on Giardia in the Best of the Board section here at GC. If you go to the Best of the Board Forum, and type in Giardia in Search...there are many more posts.

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#9362 - 08/25/03 10:15 AM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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The ISGA board had some news letters on their site at one time. In one of them...they had a lengthy article on Giardia. Might try doing a search over on their site.
Web site:

#9363 - 08/25/03 01:32 PM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]

Giardia is a single celled protozoan parasite that can infect virtually all warm-blooded creatures from animals to humans.

The parasite exists in two forms: a trophozoite, or active form, which moves by means of hair-like structures known as flagella, and a dormant form, known as a cyst. Cysts are
shed in the feces from an infected animal and are ingested in contaminated food and water. Certain insects such as flies and cockroaches may serve as mechanical vectors for cyst transmission.

The cyst is digested in the small intestine and releases the active trophozoite form. These attach to the villi, or fingerlike projections in the small intestine, by means of an adhesive disc. The trophozoites undergo multiplication and new cysts are formed which are shed in the feces. Under favorable environmental conditions, the cysts can be infective for upwards of 2-3 months. If the cysts are ingested by the same or another animal, the cycle is repeated.

This protozoan lives in the cells lining the beginning of the small intestine. Giardia kills these cells and severely damages the bowels. The infection can prevent the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins, and the resulting malnutrition can endanger an animal's health and life. With diminished resistance, other diseases can attack the infected animal. Gliders are at risk for:

1) secondary metabolic bone disease (which causes HLP) because the calcium necessary to maintain proper bone density is being siphoned off by the giardia protozoa;
2) severe dehydration/weight loss which can have deadly consequences within a matter of as little as 24 hours.

Diagnosis of Giardia can be difficult. It may be necessary to examine multiple fresh fecal smears to find the motile trophozoites. Zinc sulfate flotation may be used to determine if cysts are present. Elisa tests have been developed to identify trophozoites and cysts. Infected animals may only shed trophozoites and cysts intermittently, rather than continuously.

Giardiosis is thought to have zoonotic potential (transmissable to humans).

The best way to prevent Giardia is to provide clean, dry, uncontaminated food and bedding. Avoid overcrowding. Water should be uncontaminated. Chlorine does not always kill Giardia.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) is the drug of choice for treating Giardia. Unfortunately, relapses are common, either as a result of failure to destroy all of the parasites in the infected animal, failure to thoroughly cleanse the living quarters of the infected animal, or as a result of a new infection. Additionally, thorough washing of all fresh fruits/veggies and a clean/safe water source can help reduce recurrences of Giardia.

#9364 - 09/15/03 11:44 PM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]

I had a problem with protazoa types a year or so ago, after repetative treatments with metronidazole, that didn't get rid of it, a sample was sent for analysis at Texas A&M. Test revealed it was trichomonas, they look very similar under the microscope. The protozoas are found on a saline smear on high power, standard fecal salt kills them. Eventually we inquired to the top person in Glider med. here in Houston and was recommended to us "Paromyomycin." We had went 5 rounds of Metronidazole and in 14 days they were back. Now upon recommendation we use the "P" 2-3 times a year since we are unsure if the cysts embed into the muscle tissue which could explain spontanious release, kind of like hookworms in the mom's of puppies and kittens. The water has been tested and it is clear, the cages and all utensils are cleaned daily, the only thing I haven't done is freeze the fruits and veggies. Could Dr. C shed any "new" light on this? I've been out of the field for about 9 months so if there is any new developments ...please clue me in!! Thanks!!!

#9365 - 09/16/03 10:47 AM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]
Judie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 10/25/01
Posts: 9173
Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113
I think the spelling should be...Paromycin.
Web site:

#9366 - 09/16/03 11:29 AM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]

The drug on the record is : Paromomycin 150mg/ml

#9367 - 09/16/03 11:41 AM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]
Judie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 10/25/01
Posts: 9173
Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113
Thank you for the correct spelling. So how do you dose your gliders...over a period of several days and if so how many times during a one day period?
Web site:

#9368 - 09/16/03 12:01 PM Re: Giardia info? [Re: ]

Based on weight. The last time I was instructed to treat them average weight of 77grams received 12.6mg or 0.08ml of a suspension consisting of 750mg/5ml. Tx. was once daily for 5 days. Things have been good, but to err on the side of caution will follow recommended protocol of empirical treatments.
This drug had been recommended because of safety factors in case long term treatment was indicated.


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