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#938142 - 05/02/10 08:46 PM No sew vine instructions

Can anyone tell me how to make a new sew vine ?

#938160 - 05/02/10 09:26 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]
TempyKDog Offline
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Loc: Indiana
you could try she has some no sew toys on her site laugh

:grey: :rtmo:

#938183 - 05/02/10 10:50 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: TempyKDog]

I don't think there is an actual "no-sew" vine. I can tell you how to make the sewn ones. They are pretty simple.

You could always try taking a long piece of fleece and tie a bunch of smaller pieces of fleece all along it. That's about as close as your going to get for a no-sew version.

Unless someone else has any ideas?

#938188 - 05/02/10 11:10 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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You can take strips of fleece and braid them to make a smooth vine or add in additional peices to make "leaves" along the vine. I would cut the strips about 4 inches wide and braid it tightly.
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#938222 - 05/03/10 06:12 AM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: Dancing]

Amanda1981 has a no-sew vine on her flyingmarsupial website, along with her pouch demos.

#938271 - 05/03/10 09:09 AM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]

Well what I do is...
I get a 3 ft or a four ft long piece of fleece, that is six to seven inches wide, and fold it over on it's self so that the ends are even.
This is how i hang it...(Then I cut a tiny hole at the top of the folded over fleece (and i cut a ting scrap off another piece of fleece I make it rectangular and big enough to support a clip)Thread the scrap through the hole and sew it into place)
Cut along the sides of the fabric in half inch intervals, leaving about a half inch to a quarter inch in the middle intil you reach the ends.
Then knot both sides all the way down. If the middle space is too wide The strips wont naturally overlap it. so you can tie random strips from each side to connect across the gap.
Make sure to pull tight on every knot because It could come undone. And fabric has no feeling
:)I hope that helped...

#938306 - 05/03/10 10:29 AM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]

Awww RATSO! The pictures were hard to see, so I took down my how-to. frown I'll get some pics/a video on it up there. I have some how-to-ing to do!

#938325 - 05/03/10 11:02 AM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]

Teresa, thats what I did, I braided my fleece, and my girls LOVE running back and forth and up and down on them smile I like the idea of putting some leaves in there too!!!

#943567 - 05/15/10 05:50 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]

i made a no-sew vine but it was kind of an accident, but i know how to make it, i can explain if u want...

#943592 - 05/15/10 07:49 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]

I would love to know how you made it ^_^

#943597 - 05/15/10 07:58 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]
finnessa Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 07/29/09
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Loc: New Jersey
I have a braided fringe rope in my one cage, all I did was make cuts on the sides then braided tightly in between the cuts leaving the fringes out
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#943625 - 05/15/10 08:42 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: finnessa]

The one i made is very simple, basically you cut 2 strip of fleece 5 inches by 50 inches... it seems long but it will shrink. You cut fringes that are 3 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. Now skip the first fringe on each strip, and start double knotting them. You get the "fluffiest thickest" vine by placing the first untied fringe down facing you and knotting "up". I usually put the vine between my legs as i tie the knot up towards my face. Also tie knots snug but not very tight.

#943645 - 05/15/10 09:13 PM Re: No sew vine instructions [Re: ]

pics of vines i completed today

0515215556.jpg (142 downloads)
0515215707.jpg (109 downloads)
0515215628.jpg (74 downloads)
0515215722.jpg (71 downloads)


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