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#954142 - 06/04/10 09:58 AM Quarantine

Can someone explain the proper way to run the 30 day quarantine?

#954147 - 06/04/10 10:06 AM Re: Quarantine [Re: ]
hpyhwn2003 Offline
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For 30 days you put the new gliders in a room seperate from all other gliders. You need to follow strict quarantine and that means washing hands before and after do anything with that cage. You'll also need to change clothing before handling any of your other gliders. Make sure to use different toys, dishes, water bottles, and everything else that you are not using with you other gliders. There's more but I'm sure others will come along and fill out my post.

#954149 - 06/04/10 10:09 AM Re: Quarantine [Re: hpyhwn2003]

Thank you for you help

#954155 - 06/04/10 10:28 AM Re: Quarantine [Re: ]
tjlong Offline
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You need to do a vet check and fecal tests to see if they have parasites prior to starting the 30 days. Then do like Elena said above. Also, remember that other animals like dogs and cats like to go into rooms and sometimes dogs will munch on stuff that gliders throw out. They can get parasites too. smile One thing I have heard of people doing that you need to remember not to do is try to switch pouches with other gliders in an attempt to start introductions. Anything that they may have or develop during quarantine can be passed to other gliders or animals from the pouches too.

After the 30 days do a second vet check or at least fecals to make sure that parasites don't show up. If they are clean then you can take them out of quarantine.
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#954159 - 06/04/10 10:45 AM Re: Quarantine [Re: tjlong]
Gizmogirl Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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It is routine to have your new glider set up for a wellness exam before and after quarantine to check for parasites.

You should have a separate cage in another area of your house ready for your new sugar glider/s.

Quarantine means NO contact with any other glider/s, and is for the health of all your sugar gliders. A 30 day quarantine gives you time to catch any health related problems. For instance Giardia, which can lay dormant for 2 to 3 months, thus the reason for doing a fecal float/smear before and after quarantine.

It will give the new sugar glider the time needed to adjust to itís new environment and also provide for some bonding time. During quarantine you need to change clothing and wash your hands and arms between handling the new glider and your other glider(s). Food dishes, wheels, pouches and toys should also be washed separately with bleach solution.

After the 30 day quarantine and an "all clear" from the vet, you can move the cages into one room.
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#954164 - 06/04/10 10:53 AM Re: Quarantine [Re: Gizmogirl]
CandyOtte Offline
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On the positive side of the 30 day quarantine, use this time to get to know your new glider's habits, food preferences and food dislikes.

Every glider is different. Offer different types of sleeping spots for instance one pouch put up high in the cage and one lower to see which he chooses. Offer various single fruits and vegetables as part of his dinner to see if he has favorites or ones that he refuses to eat.

Once gliders share a dinner plate it becomes hard to tell if one glider is not eating the food put in the cage but when he/she is alone you know who refused the food.

spend some time bonding with him or her alone so the glider will have developed trust in you before introductions. That way if he/she feels threatened during introductions the glider will be more likely to seek you as a safe place.

The time goes by quickly. Enjoy your new glider and good luck with the intros after the quarantine ends and your vet gives the all clear.
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#955408 - 06/07/10 04:06 PM Re: Quarantine [Re: CandyOtte]
sugarlope Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Here is a compilation thread about Quarantine that may help;
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#955453 - 06/07/10 05:14 PM Re: Quarantine [Re: sugarlope]
suggiemom1980 Offline
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This might help too. Quarantine

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