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#96732 - 04/22/06 06:34 PM hardware net

hubby came home with 100% recyclable plastic hardware net. 1/2" square mesh..will this work for a cage? I'm hoping at this point baby girl isn't cause Jesse is, so this will not work with him. He went to Hope Depot and this was all they had.

#96733 - 04/22/06 07:09 PM Re: hardware net [Re: ]

I'm not sure if I ever heard of anyone else using the plastic hardware netting for a cage, but would imagin they could easily chew through it and it also wouldn't be very strong for supporting toys and all the other cage items.
Hopefully somebody else will be along soon to help out.

#96734 - 04/22/06 08:44 PM Re: hardware net [Re: ]
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If you are talking about the plastic hardware cloth from home depot called LandWare, IF your glider is not a chewer, it will work for cages. I have my large play cage made out of it and it works fine. However, if your glider is inclined to chew, I would not recommend it.
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#96735 - 04/23/06 12:45 AM Re: hardware net [Re: ]

Yep, that's exactly what it is. I have no idea if the baby girl is a chewer or not. Jess would eat right threw it...

#96736 - 04/24/06 10:54 PM Re: hardware net [Re: ]

Hubby and I are going to get a divorce yet over this cage. I know who gets custody of the furbabies though! It wasn't a hamster cage, it struck him yesterday it was a ferret cage he found for $40 at the pet store. He is bound and determined he is not going to put anymore than $50 into the cage. He is under the impression I can move the two gliders in together after a 3 week bonding period..thank to the blue haired little old lady at the pet store. So, I don't need a big cage, we can buy the ferret cage or he can make one with the plastic hardware. Although, I have told him no on both counts. I have not seen a ferret cage up close, but from pics the bar spacing looks to far apart. Anyone know for sure?

#96737 - 04/24/06 10:58 PM Re: hardware net [Re: ]

Yes, the bar spacing is too wide on ferret cages.. it should be 1/2 inch or less. They will squeeze out of the ferret cage in no time.. best not to even get it. he'll only have to return it. Has he looked at any of the bird flight cages or reptariums.. or on ebay??

#96738 - 04/24/06 11:09 PM Re: hardware net [Re: ]

He claims he has (at the pet store) and that the measurements were like " that by like that" ( he holds up his fingers) He says the ferret cage he couldn't get his finger in the holes, the measurements looked to me to be 1/2x 1 or 2 inches, who knows..I told him we would go look friday. I will be checking out the birdcages and I will have my measureing tape with me. Between you and me, one way or the other, I will get what I want or he will be living in my daughters playhouse! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#96739 - 05/09/06 08:29 PM Re: hardware net [Re: ]

On this sight someone has built a cage. the name of the cage is (myas house) if you type that in the search it should bring you to it. I made a cage out of the plastic coated wire mesh and it comes in a 2ft by 5ft roll with 1/2 by 1/2 inch spacing with a pvc pipe frame it works just fine for them its big enough for them to move around in and they dont get there feet caught my male hangs from the top looking down hes funny. also I have alot of toys hanging once you j-clip the mesh to the frame it becomes stronger I have the toys hanging from the top.

#96740 - 05/10/06 03:56 PM Re: hardware net [Re: 1299921]

my cage is made with very hard/sturdy plastic net type stuf. the squares are about 1/4th inch and it's tuff. My babies are chewers and they can't get through this stuff! You don't have to worry about the coating coming off either. I'll see if I can get a picture of it...

I beleive the person who made it got it from lowes.


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