By now, many know our stance and why we have not allowed Rescues since 2005, for a refresher you can read more about it here Now with that being said, many have heard both Karen and I would like to make a change to this.

We have decided that after 5 years we will try this one last time. We will be opening a new forum which will be found below the ClassifiedCENTRAL forums. It will be called RescueCENTRAL and will have a forum in there called Rescue Me.

Things will be run a little different compared to how things are run in the classified forums. The biggest thing is, GliderCENTRAL WILL NOT get involved with any deals that may go bad. We WILL NOT get involved like we do with the classified alerts.

The second thing that will be different is this section will not have the classified rules applied to it. There will be no pm's sent out for bumping as there will be no bumping rules.

We have also discussed the question in regards to adoption fees and what not. What we have decided is that we are going to ask that no pricing is discussed on the open forums. So if you are listing gliders in RescueCENTRAL that need homes, please do not post any fees/shipping fees/or any cost what so ever, discuss this privately. If someone asks in your listing, please post saying to contact you or you'll contact them.

Please remember if you are post a listing, that the glider(s) must be currently in your possession or it will be considered 3rd party and removed.

This forum will be moderated for every other rule we have at GliderCENTRAL. We hope that this works.

This does not change our policy on having raffles, donations, etc for rescues here. You will still need to follow the rules. What we are doing here now is simply offering a place for rescued gliders to be listed so they may find new homes. Who knows what the future will bring, but for now we are taking this experimental step and depending on how things go, GliderCENTRAL may take more steps or step back from doing this.

If it causes too much trouble or is not working out, we will remove it from GliderCENTRAL, and that will be our final attempt. We are leaving this one up to the community to decide if it will stay or be removed from GliderCENTRAL. We truly hope all will work out and it stays!!

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