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#97412 - 04/25/06 01:05 PM To anyone using Happy Glider

I sort of asked in a different thread a posted, but figured it'd be better to make a new topic...
I know this is just something to keep, and not considered a complete diet (maybe only 2/3?), so just a few questions:
How much should I give a single glider every day? I'd hate to be wasteful, and there is always a bunch left every day--I've been going with the idea that I'd rather he have enough than not enough.
Also, what else, and how much, should I offer in addition to this? I've been giving some fruits, veggies, and mealies, but I know he needs to eat the Happy Glider in order to get all the vitamins he needs.

#97413 - 04/25/06 03:39 PM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]

well - I don't know too much a/b Happy Glider, but I believe it's considered a complete diet.

I'm not meaning to bash, merely sharing an opinion: I would seriously look into the diets listed on the diets page under GC links. Many people, myself included, don't believe there is a mass produced diet for suggies that is truly complete and therefore most of us choose to follow one of the plans that we like to call "proven". Under this heading are: BML, Judies BML, Darcy's, Suncoast and I'm sure there are some I'm forgeting.

as for Happy Glider, I'm sure their website/containers should tell the correct amounts...

#97414 - 04/25/06 03:44 PM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]

It's supposed to be a base diet, supplemented with fruits, veggies, and proteins. I'm just looking for proper amounts to add in. Obviously, he's going to pig out on mealies if he has them, and not get the vitamins he needs from the other food. I want to look into the BML, but he came from somewhere that was feeding him Happy Glider. I wanted to stick with that diet for a little while until he's completely adjusted. Just didn't want to completely freak him out, new home, new food, etc... Within the next month or so, I would like to start introducing the BML, though.

#97415 - 04/25/06 04:31 PM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]

letting him get acclimated to a new environment is a great idea. With these posts it's always hard to tell what the person is really doing, but since I feel strongly a/b the diet issue I always feel I have to make sure new owners are aware of the diet issue...

looking up the diet I can see the confusion as it nowhere talks a/b amounts... it also seems to depend on which kind you use (the protein levels alone vary from 32% to 22%)

have you tried contacting the breeder/place you got him to see what they did?

#97416 - 04/25/06 10:29 PM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]
the gliders angel Offline
Glider Addict

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i use happy glider breeder formula along with bml and omce a week i use exotic nutrition for a change. they need the hard pellets to prevent tooth decay. in the wild they have tree bark here they dont. talking with aussie vets they need the hard food too. i use a tbs, daily

#97417 - 04/26/06 07:31 AM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]

From what I have heard, you provide them just a tiny bit more then what they eat. People say gliders only eat a few pellets of this stuff, so, just give him enough that there is only a few pieces left, that way, your not being wasteful. Relaize from one day to the next, they have differant sized tummies (ha) so, with just a bit more then they normally eat, they will either fill up or eat less. don't be worried though. We all have our moods!

Hard pellets can cause scratches in their gums/cheeks, which allow bacteria to get in, and cause infected/lumpy jaw. You will want to moisten them up with juice or something. IN the wild, they use bugs exoskeleton & bark to keep their teeth & gums clean. Try getting them some safe branches to chew on if you are worried about teeth health.

#97418 - 04/26/06 08:51 AM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]

I have been using happy glider for about 3 years now--I really prefer it for an in cage all day food. I have used pelleted food of one sort or another (as a supplement) for 10 years--and never had an instance of lumpy jaw--not that it doesn't happen, I have just never had it happen. I would not worry if they are eating all their fruits and veggies and BML, then the HG is just for snacking!

Apple juice with any of the flavors is GREAT--I have also used guava, papaya, peach and gatorade to soften for younger and older gliders.

This is not the only food they get--and it is available at ALL times. (I also mix organically dried fruits with the HG) In addition, BML, 1 tsp veggie, 1 tsp fruit daily. My gliders are happy (sorry for the pun) and healthy!

#97419 - 04/27/06 07:26 AM Re: To anyone using Happy Glider [Re: ]

Alright, that's sort of what I've been doing. I leave it dry in his cage all day long, I've noticed when I get home from work that he has picked through it a little. Then, when I feed him at night, I add a little bit of apple juice to soften it (I throw it away in the morning). In another bowl I give him the veggies, fruits and protein (either yogurt, chicken, or meal worms). The veggies stay about the same (it's a mixed pack), but I generally change up the fruits.
Does that sound about right?


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