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One of my girls is failing
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04/30/19 06:06 PM New to GC from Nebraska
Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and looking for gliders. I live in North Platte and can’t seem to find any breeders around here. Not even our pet store carries gliders anymore which is honestly probably a good thing, they didn’t seem to take very good care of them when they did have them. So anyway, could anyone point me in the right direction to find gliders near me? I am currently building an enclosure and will be stocking it with toys soon! Hoping to find a pair and I don’t mind driving a little bit I don’t really want to go 200+ miles (which is all I can find). Hope to hear from you guys/gals soon!
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04/23/19 08:07 PM Attachment disorder in sugar gliders.
Im not new. Its been a long time ive forgotten all my info. I bought 2 young gliders from a company for two rescues who had recently lost mates.
I didn't know at the time I was buying from someone who would fall under the classification of mill breeder.
It's been 7 years and I have never been able to handle either one without getting bit and them getting way over stressed. I had tried various things and sought advice, but no change in behavior so instead of forcing them and stealing them, I let them be pretty much, I interacting with occasional touch and a lot of talking and favirile foods, but time didn't help

I've rescued around 50 and have always been able to calm them down after awhile despite some of their horrific histories. These two, Stryker the male and Piper, his mate.
Stryer is by far worse and is displaying the physical problems that are associated with chronic high stress, severe IBD and lower back problem's. This stress is not from the environment. My gliders live to around be 15 if toxin induced cancer doesn't take them.
It only recently dned on me that I was dealing with an attachment disorder, Developmental Trauma. The breeder I bought these 2 from separates them out, too young it would seem, into boy and girl groups then put them together and mails them air.
He's on IBD meds, that are not helping much, because I need to deal with his mental and nervous system problem. My previous vet and I were going to do some research in mental issues with exotics in captivity......but he died.
Has anyone dealt with severe stress disorders aquired in early Joeyhood? Or know of or has heard of someone who knows of someone who has dealt with this?
I know treatments for humans, but not for animals, and most would not even be doable.
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04/22/19 10:29 PM Mold in food
Hello I had to leave my sugar glider with a friend for a couple weeks. I just got back and it seems that they neglected to clean her food dish. She had dry food and when I picked her up it was caked in white mold with a bit of reddish/pink mold. I’m kinda freaking out now because I don’t know if she ingested this and if it’s gonna kill her or make her ill due to the toxicity. She seems alright but I’m still concerned. What should I do in this situation. I obviously cleaned her cage and food bowl well and I’m keeping an eye on her. Are there any more precautions I can take?
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04/18/19 07:50 PM Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey
My name is Alex Kim, about 5/6 years ago I purchased my first Sugar Glider Ziggy thinking he was going to be a cute pet to have. I purchased him from a pet store and upon taking him home and joining this forum I quickly realized how special Sugar Gliders are and how much of a responsibility I now had in order to properly care for their nutritional and emotional needs. I then purchased two sugar gliders Zoey and Zelda. I loved them all, I took all the advice and guidance I could gather from this site and am grateful for those that helped me at the time. I would give them fresh fruit daily, the proper nutrients and love. However the more knowledge I gained about these beautiful creatures the more I realized I would never be able to give them the life they deserve unless I devoted my life to them. Like many of the beautiful people on this site have chosen to do. When I realized this I knew id have to find someone who would give them as much if not more love than I could. I found a woman in New York who said she had a whole room for them in a larger house that they could be more free than the large cage I had to have them in most of the time. So I sent them to her for free, and moved on hoping they would now be in a better forever home. But I had a deep bond with them and instead of honoring that by constantly checking on them to see how they were doing, I buried them deep in my heart. I can no longer bare to not know how they are doing. If anyone remembers me and can help in anyway it would mean the world to me. Thank you
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04/12/19 04:24 PM Non Joey Bonding?
Hi guys, first post and three days into my suggie journey with a lovely little mosaic girl I've named Roo. I had a choice between her (9 mos oop) or a 10 week old. I love her personality, so I picked her from a private breeder. I'll add another so she doesn't get lonely later (no hating just want to focus on one at a time, but I digress). So far, the pros to getting a non baby I've noticed are: She doesn't crab in her cage at all, or when I picked her pouch out this morning for bonding (currently my hand is attached to her and she actually wakes up and grooms me, then goes back to dreaming... presently licking my thumb). She has also taken an interest in my two cats, and barks at them from her cage (no crabbing, assuming its just to get their attention since they go nose to nose through the cage and she eats fine around them). She readily takes treats from my hands directly, and I know all these are amazing for having known each other 3 days, but there's one thing I want advice on.

((TLDR;)) The only thing we're struggling with (trust is kind of a factor but I also think her age might play into the new environment deal) is not wanting to come out of the pouch/cage, or avoiding my hand/me like the plague if she tries to venture out. What's the best way to work around this, and is it better in practice at night or when shes sleepy?
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04/09/19 03:44 PM new suggie daddy
Hello all. So i picked up 2 young girls at a show last weekend and have let them sit in their cage with me talking to them for a while and just sticking my hand in with them. I have been planning to take them with me to work " i work at a computer." My questions are about what i should bring with me and them when we are at work. If anyone has good insights please let me know.

I dont plan on having them out a whole lot at work just with me in a zippered pouch. and maybe out while I am on my different breaks through out the day.

Oh My girls names are Ino, and Usagi. Ino is a mosaic, and Usagi is a standard grey. they are both very friendly and enjoy cuddling with my hand in the bonding pouch.

Thank you in advance for the help. I do have most everything else figured out with just a few confusions here and there which I will be asking about as i remember them.
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