I recently had a loss of one of my girls. She was 5 yrs old and very active. She didnt like to be held, but did like to play in the tent and run all over you. She was a crabber if disturbed. Within the last 6 months I noticed she was a little sweeter than normal. She wasnt running in the wheel as much, she gained a little weight and she would let us grab her without her trying to run. She ate normal, she cleaned normal, everything else was normal.

A few nights ago, I went to give them their food and I noticed something was wrong. She moved slow, she didnt want to eat and she was extremely dehydrated. I picked her up like a bean bag. she just let all 4's hang. She let me cuddle her and pet her anywhere i could get a finger (completely out of her nature). As I pet her along her right side, when I would get below her ribs, she would flinch. Also, she had that half sleepy look in her eyes with her ears down. We held her all night and I got up the next morning early to check on her. Still breathing but much worse. I got her to the vet as soon as the doors opened.

The vet did the exam, nothing could explain it. An xray couldnt explain it. The fecal test came back positive for Giardia. Something she has had before and been treated but will never get completely out of the system. We were planning on bringing her home with the meds and figured she would be ok. About 10 mins after that, she looked up with that sad look and took her last breath. It was devastating to witness.

The vet did an autopsy and discovered white spots on her liver and spleen...Cancer. This would explain the flinching when I pet her on her right side. With her immune system working on curing the cancer, the Giardia took advantage and her liver just shut down. So even if we were aware of the Giardia, the Cancer would of killed her and would never of known she had it and she just would of suffered until then. In a way, it was better she went now and not of suffered.

The vet told us it is not genetic or contagious and we should not worry about her sister having the same outcome.

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