Although GliderCENTRAL has NOT changed our position regarding whether we endorse or support Pocket Pets, we thought it important to address how they have changed over the past five to six years.

  • Pocket Pets is NOT a mill breeder. They are a Broker. They purchase gliders from different breeders all across the country who choose to remain anonymous.
  • Not all Mill Brokers are Pocket Pets. There are others who try to emulate Pocket Pets. Some of these even breed gliders.
  • These joeys are then sold at different locations such as fairs, flea markets, kiosks, etc. by Pocket Pets Representatives.
  • As with any business, there are good representatives and those who are only interested in the money rather than the animal/s they are selling. The ones in the last group are the ones we hear about most often.
  • Always do your research regardless of where you intend to purchase your sugar glider.
  • Pay attention to the emails that Pocket Pets sends out as they tell you how to progress with your glider. Most people disregard/discard this information. Listen to the CD provided. Keep all of your paperwork!
  • It is a good idea to always take your gliders for a well check as soon as you can to make sure there are no health issues. This will also establish a base line for your vet and for future visits.
  • There have been improvements in the material used in their start up cages sold with the gliders at these markets when it was discovered the material used was the cause of many glider deaths.
  • As your sugar glider gets older, a larger cage will be required. The start up cage can be used as a travel cage.
  • The Glide R Gravy sold now is actually Critter LoveŽ simply sold under the Pocket Pets name. This is a big step forward for the health of these sugar gliders.
  • Sugar gliders sold at the appropriate age do NOT need a heat rock.
  • According to Pocket Pets, all males should be sold neutered.

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