Just responded to a call from the Key West SPCA. Here's the info from the surrender sheet-2 year old male mosaic named Nugget, obtained from North Carolina, surrendered because ex-boyfriend left him behind. They've had him 'since born'. Notes-"Does not bite" and "Needs LOTS of LOVE".
Came with small cage, large wheel, 3 pouches and Suncoast fruit-flavored pellets plus apples and honey and mealworms. Picked him up without a problem and fed mealies. Will post pictures after I bring him home.
I'm leaving Key West for St. Louis on 7/10 and will be driving to SGGA from there. Willing to drop him off to good home along the way or transfer him at SGGA. Please spread the word. Apparently Facebook won't let me talk about this.
Using my own stuff to make him comfortable. Will include travel/bonding pouch and some toys. No fees or charges.
For those that don't know me, I've had gliders for 20 years and am only interested in 'going for the good of the glider'.
Alice Senturia aliceinkeywest@gmail.com

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