As much as I love my three ladies; I will be relocating to a state where they are not legal. TBH, they are bonded to my son who will be going to college and is not responsible enough to care for them. They are super sweet except when it comes to nails, they wiggle and occasionally bite but I think it is because I always have to do it myself.

I am currently in TX .

Sex: 3 females
Age: 2 1/2 (Athena) Serena/Explorer twins (2)

Only requirement is: 1)They cannot be separated as they are bonded 2) Must be a loving owner who will spend the time with them that they require.

Cage, food, treats, gliders, accessories, and any other misc. items I may have (grooming)

Price: $250 the cage is a DCN

Must be able to pick up as I do not have large enough transport.