Good afternoon,
I am in the unfortunate situation where I need to rehome my 4 sugarglider girls.
I want all of them to stay together. There are 2 standards and 2 mosiac/cremino's.
They are very well socialized and love new people and to be handled at all times of day and night. The standards just turned 1 yr 2 months ago and the mixes will be 1 yr this month. They are completely healthy and I wish I was in a position to keep them.
I'm asking for $600, but that's for thier 6 foot long critter nation cage, wheels, toys, pouches basically for all the stuff.
My top priority is they go to a good home.
I'm located in the Kingwood TX area. And my number is 832-563-0478.
I have pictures posted of my girls but I am willing to provide more if needed.
Thank you,