This is just an FYI to the sugar glider community that your info on The Pet Glider pedigree database may have been compromised!

If you have an account at, there was a security breach probably containing your information on 2020-05-13 (last month). Based on the fact that they haven't even notified users that this happened, which is illegal, I'm wondering if they even got it fixed, or even noticed, or if they're continuing to just leak data.

It is highly recommended that you change your password for this, if you have an account. Even more important, change any passwords for anywhere else where you used the same password as on that site.

As far as I can tell, the database info (including user info) is currently available as a torrent download, and it appears people may be selling the data for bitcoin.


P.S. If you'd like to verify, you can just search the url on google, and once you get past the regular results linking to that site, you'll see the breaches. You can also go to a site called to find out if your email address is in known data breaches.

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