Hi sugar glider lovers,

Unfortunately and heartbreakingly, due to my own ongoing health reasons, I need to rehome my beloved sugar glider Digit! frown

But perhaps you can be his new loving parent(s)! <3

I've had him since May 2015, since he was "oop" ("out of pocket," old enough to be separated from his mom). So he's 6, almost 7 years old and he has zero health issues. He used to have other glider playmates and went on play dates, but then we moved and lost touch with those other gliders. His face has black and caramel markings. He loves to eat! Little piggie. He loves corn and apples at the moment, and had a sweet potato phase recently, too.

He comes with:

- A very large (30" x 17" x 51") white wire cage for him (that's more than 4 feet tall and cost about $300), which has 6 little doors and one big door (with a small door within that big door), removeable plastic food drawers, a metal frame with casters so you can roll it around in your room, and a plastic tray underneath the cage where you can put paper to catch food, poo, etc. which you can easily slide out, wash, and clean. It also comes with several removable and reconfigurable wire shelves insides for him to jump around on and rest. There's a little handle at the top but you probably won't use it. It's totally moveable by one person but it's heftier than you'd think since it's rather large and spacious for glider living.

- A black wire travel cage (with a metal slide-out tray on the bottom and a handle on top)

- 2 exercise wheels, including a fancy, $30 9" "silent" wheel on a metal stand (which can also fasten securely to the top of the cage to minimize sound even more)

- Two (2) Critter Canteen BPA-free water bottles that you can attach to the cage

- Extra food (some expired, but like the mealworms, he still gobbles them up and I think they're still ok, like chips!)

- A hanging coconut house, more plastic toys, a thick elastic rope toy for him to climb (w clips on either side), plastic Easter eggs that I put food in for him to find, baby links for him to run across, a bagful of flannel cloth (the only kind that you should use with gliders to keep their nails from catching) which you can use to make more sleeping bags and blankets with, sandpaper for the exercise wheels (to trim his nails down), a flannel travel bag (that hangs around your neck with a mesh "window," and even his original sleeping bag that he came in as a baby glider.

My preference is for him to go to an experienced glider owner who already has more than one glider, so he can have glider friends close by again. He's sometimes greedy and possessive about his food so he may take a minute to acclimate to other gliders, but he's so cute and wonderful! And he likes to eat yogurt drops, honey, and hold your finger with his back leg sometimes when he falls asleep.

Sugar glider farmers in the NY / NJ / CT / PA area - any takers? Or owners with little colonies? smile

We live in NYC/Brooklyn, where sugar gliders are not sold in New York state per local laws, due to high rates of abandonment in the past. He needs to be kept close to a radiator or warm heaters in the winter, of course. Apologies - I don't have a car and cannot deliver him. When you pick him up to take him to his new home, I can take apart the big cage and pack it for you, and he can travel with you in his little travel cage, which gives you time to set up the big cage when you all get home. And of course you could rename him!

(His photos' file sizes are all too large, so please message me for requests to see his cute little mug.)

Please let me know if you'd be interested in giving this little guy a loving new glider home. Open to your offers, and mainly want to find a loving, permanent home for him where he can hopefully be around other gliders, too! <3

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~Diana, Digit's mom