Someone asked me to design this a long time ago and I never got around to it til now. It was pretty intimidating!

It's only a "Beta" right now because I don't have the materials to build it myself and test it out, soooo....I was hoping that a brave soul(or 2 or 3...) might be willing to give it a shot? smile I quadruple-checked the measurements, so it SHOULD be good to go. wink

The building instructions are pretty much the same as for a basic PVC cage( ), just more pieces to cut and more stuff to buy, lol.

Anyways, here are the blueprints:

Also, here's a list of what all you'll need:


*21- 10' PVC pipes
*52- 90-degree Elbow Connectors
*44- T Connectors
*4- Cross Connectors
*2- 15' Rolls of Hardware Net(plastic mesh)
*64- 1 1/2" x 1/4" bolts(stainless steel)
*64- 1/4" washers(stainless steel)
*64- 1/4" nuts(stainless steel)
*8- 1" x 1/4" bolts(stainless steel)
*8- 1/4" nuts(stainless steel)
*2 handles(for the pull-out trays)
*1000 small zip-ties
*200 large zip-ties
*4 hook & eye latches

***pics off all of the supplies are on my site, in the tutorial link above.***

For the pull-out trays, you'll need to add something solid(hubby suggested a piece of linoleum) in the bottoms of them to keep the food/poo/pee, etc... from falling through from the top cage into the bottom one.

I had to do a bit of guess-work on the piping and mesh needed, so you might need a little more/less.

I hope someone is brave enough to give it a shot because I've got high hopes for it and am hoping to make some for myself as well. They'll be perfect for joeys waiting to go to their new homes! smile

~Please post pics if you make the cage!~


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