New mommy plz helpppp!!!

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New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/08/16 06:16 PM

Hi everyone I'm a new suggie mommy and really could use some help. So my 15-year-old daughter got our first Suggieand his name is Cannon. He was about six months old when we got him a couple months ago. We had never had one and didn't know much about them. My daughter wanted to take care of him and she did well for the 1st few weeks but then wasn't spending as much time with him so I told her she had to put his cage in the living room so I could help take care of him too. So Canon moved to the living room and I started doing lots of research to see exactly how to care for him other then what the girl explained to my daughter when she got him. So I took him to the vet, got his diet down, and started working on bonding with him. It's been about 4 weeks and I think we r doing fairly well....he climbs on me when we go in the bathroom for play time, he lets me reach in and pet him in his pouch, and tries to get on my arm to get out with me when I reach in his cage. He does seem still a little scared when he is running around and still shakes when I first get his pouch out but I figured it'll keep getting better with time. So in my research I decided that since I do have to work and my daughter isn't consistently interested in him that Cannon needed a buddy. So the a couple nites ago Charlie came home. His oop is 8-31-16 so he is still a baby. So far he won't let me even open his pouch without crabbing loudly. I have the pieces of fleece I'm sleeping with and putting in with him and I have held him in his pouch while he's sleeping but he still crabs when I move with him. I did put some apple slices thru some of the holes in his cage and he ate those last nite but he crabs when he sees me put my hand near the cage. i would greatly appreciate any help on what I can do to help him bond with me and about how long I wait to try? Also how to get Cannon and Charlie acquainted to b able to b in the same cage?
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/08/16 06:33 PM


So glad you're here!

Im happy your first one with the bonding worked out so well!

The younger one is just that... The bonding process is brand new all over again, and he is pretty scared. New sights, smells, and cage are quite frightening at first. I'm guessing he came to you from his family, and is temporally alone. So far you are doing great. It just takes time and patience.

The normal quarantine is about 30 days. You want to make sure he is healthy before intros. A vet visit may be in order too. IN the mean time, give him space and let him get used to his surroundings, hand him treats through the cage, sit and just talk to him. read him a story or sing softly to him. He has to understand he is safe. Make sure he has things to do, and make sure if both gliders are in the same room, they can't reach each other. Expect barking and noises as they will want to chat.
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/08/16 09:41 PM

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!

Dawn has given you some good information. Your little one is scared, he was just taken away from his family and all the scents he was familiar with.

I would make some little fleece blankets about 3x3 and wear them for a few days to get your scent on them, then put them in his pouch so he can get used to your scent.

Be patient, he is a baby.
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/18/16 08:55 PM

Update: thx for all the great info!! So we r on day 12 of Charlie being home and I feel like I haven't gotten very far with him. He crabs a lot sometimes if I even talk near his cage he starts crabbing and he's in his pouch. I can't even put scent pices in his pouch cuz he starts crabbing and kinda lunging at the opening of his pouch. I have gotten him to take apples outta my hand for few days in a row and every day still goes back to square one. So far I have just left him in the cage haven't tried to hold him or touch him. I'm not sure if it's better to keep leaving him be or should I be trying to hold him in his pouch? Plzzzzzz HELP I don't want my baby to hate me forever!!!
As far as Cannon goes I think he is bonding well with me. He climbs on me, I can reach right in his pouch, etc but he does still act a little scared and he try's to jump off me unless I'm sitting in playtime will it just keep getting better with more time? Also he bites me through my pants and shirts when he climbs on me is there a way to stop him from doing it? Thx for all the help!!!!
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/18/16 09:45 PM

Your joeys is afraid. Here is an article for you to read:

You may also want to get him an open environment pouch as he is pouch protective.
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/18/16 09:47 PM

It's very hard, but patience will pay off. I wouldn't try holding him in the pouch just yet, but you can try gently rubbing him through it. Also, keep offering small treats near the opening & allow him to come & get them. As he's chowing down, you can slowly slip a scented something in. Sit nearby the cage & just talk to him. 12 days is a short time, settle in for the long game and enjoy the ride.
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/19/16 01:04 PM

Are you interacting with them at night or during the day? If it's during the day, they will crab.

Also be sure to softly talk to them when approaching their cage.

When you scared one is out to eat and play, that will be when you can put scented blankies in his pouch.

My two still don't like me to add blankies in their pouch when they are in it.

We bonded with Fiona almost immediately. When we got Dot, we thought we could bond with her while in quarantine, but unfortunately it took about 9 months. Now she quite a sweetie.
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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 11/26/16 08:07 AM

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Re: New mommy plz helpppp!!! - 12/04/16 03:43 PM

So, it's been a bit, how's the bonding going?

Please log in so we know it's you and keep track of your progress.

BTW, I think we forgot to mention we love to see pics of new babies!

Hope all is well in the bonding process.
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