New mommy

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New mommy - 02/11/17 09:32 AM

I just recently adopted a male suggie that's 2 months out the pouch. He seemed to be taking to at first but then he escaped his cage a few times and now all he seems like he wants to do is escape and roam around. He seems frighten by me but he does sometimes let me pet him and crawls on my hand. I have only had him a week and he is not nuetured. He also showed some strange behavior when my boyfriend came over and he started to mark territory. He likes to try n bite me sometimes and sometimes it's soft other times it's a little hard but he hasn't broke the skin. He eats just fine and is very active around the times that he likes to play. He is not so crabby as to the first day I got him. I'm still a little lost as too how to go about bonding with him because he no longer likes to get in his pouch but when he is in there he balls up and just sleeps until he is hungry.
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Re: New mommy - 02/11/17 01:01 PM

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Your joey is scared and alone. He may be escaping because he's looking for another glider. He may need a friend to keep him company. Gliders are a colony animal. Some do well as a single, but require more of your time at night when he is awake and plenty of things to do. A glider safe wheels and toys would be a start.

It is normal for unneutered males to mark, but should get better over time. You might consider having him neutered, especially if you get a friend for him.

As far as him sleeping a lot, they can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Especially when he is stressed.

You might want to get some blankies for him( 4"4" square fleece). Sleep with them, or put in your dirty laundry to get your scent on them, and tuck into his sleeping pouch, change out every other day. This will get him used to your scent.
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Re: New mommy - 02/12/17 02:29 AM

I did register but failed to login before I wrote my concern. He sleep schedule hasn't changed or anything when he gets out he wakes me up to play but he stays distance when playing. He does make attempts to get closer to me. Every time he does get out. I have plenty of toys and activities in his cage he loves the ball pen I made for him. I always see them everywhere and he loves to ring every bell that's in his cage. I will get some more fleece and stick them in his pouches. He seems fine besides the breaking out part but he goes back in his cage when he is done playing and marking territory to go to sleep. I'm just a little concerned if I'm on the right path with him. I have read and seen a lot of stories that me and my suggie haven't encountered.
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Re: New mommy - 02/12/17 06:09 AM

What kind of cage do you have? Can you post a picture of it?

It is important that you figure out how he is escaping, your house has many hazards for little gliders.

Gliders have drowned in the toilet, if they can get their head into it they can get their body into it. One gal found her glider in a gallon jug partially full of water, she was lucky enough to find him before he was too tired to tread water.

They can get into the walls from water pipes that have large holes around them.

Your house just isn't safe for him.
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Re: New mommy - 02/12/17 05:41 PM

I bought him a new cage yesterday because even closing where he was getting out he would just re-open it. He seems to like this cage better I put more more toys for him to play with and stuff.

It's not letting me upload any pics because of the byte size even after resizing and everything.
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Re: New mommy - 02/12/17 06:41 PM

What is the bar spacing on the new cage vs the old cage?
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Re: New mommy - 02/13/17 02:08 PM

So how is your little guy doing?

I went through and reread your first post and realized I left out his biting issue.

Sometimes they bite as joeys to test things. You can help correct that by talking in his own language. A firm "Ssst, tssss, or ssshhhtt" immediately after he bites tells him you didn't like what he did. I would use a firm "No!" If it's really hard. He may ignore you at first, but he will eventually listen. You can also give him something else to bite like small toy or a piece of fleece.

Is he still escaping?
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Re: New mommy - 02/19/17 06:44 PM

Everything are going good. He stopped the biting but now he is in a new phase of trusting me so he is nibbling and I tell him tisk when he starts to nibble and when he nibbles a little to hard I tell him that it hurt and he doesn't have to bite me so he immediately starts to lick me where he bite me at. He still doesn't like to come out his cage but he is getting better with it and I figured out a better bonding way for us. He sleeps in my shirt I leave in his cage and I take him out with him still in the shirt and he is calm and accepting of it. He will just lay there and sleep while I pet him. He also knows when I'm sleeping mostly because he is right next to my bed and I flip his cover over his cage at night so he know it's time for him to get up. But when he wants me up to play with him he makes the noise when he calls for his mom and when I get up and acknowledge him he stops and is ready to play. He has shown me a lot and is teaching me a lot of things. He is the best addition to my family and I love every waking second of it.

Adding pictures are a pain. It will not let me upload any pics because of the file size. 😞
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Re: New mommy - 02/20/17 07:27 PM

I like using this site to reduce the size so I may easily post it here. If you're still having problems after that, check out these instructions for tips. I usually use the instructions that are near the bottom so I may imbed them in to my posts.
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Re: New mommy - 02/22/17 07:56 AM

This is his new cage. The bar spacing one the other one was about 3 inches.
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Re: New mommy - 02/22/17 07:57 AM

This is his cage

Attached picture IMG_0607.JPG
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Re: New mommy - 02/22/17 07:58 AM

Here is my suggie his name is Mr. Wood

Attached picture IMG_0606.JPG
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Re: New mommy - 02/22/17 08:08 AM

Cute cage!

Hello Mr Wood! Very handsome! (Wolf whistle) :lshower:
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Re: New mommy - 02/22/17 10:27 PM

Originally Posted By: Meagpie
This is his new cage. The bar spacing one the other one was about 3 inches.

The recommended bar spacing for a adult glider is only 1/2" so if it was 3" that is a huge space that a glider can easily get out of. Seems like the new cage is working out though.

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Re: New mommy - 02/23/17 12:04 AM

Hansome fella, ain't he?
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Re: New mommy - 02/23/17 09:31 AM

Yes he is and I didn't realize it at first I was just too excited to get him but it seems we are getting it together... together day by day. It's an excitement I look forward too because everyday it is something new. He loves when I get him new toys and stuff to figure out. He tries to take it out my hand before I can even hang it up. He gets more playful with me everyday.
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