Hi everyone!!!

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Hi everyone!!! - 07/21/17 10:49 PM

Hi everyone!! My boyfriend Zach and I recently became proud parents of a little standard gray boy Roux and a lovely little lady Aspen, who's a white faced blonde. Everyone on this forum seems so knowledgeable and nice!! I'd really appreciate any advice or info anyone would like to share. We've only had them for about 5 weeks and I feel like one of those crazy first time mom's that over researches everything, buys too much, and and... well I'm TERRIFIED my babies won't bind with me.. amongst a million other things like omg have did zach leave the toilet seat up etc
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/21/17 11:08 PM


Glad you found us here, congratulations on your new babies!

Bbl, with more cool
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/21/17 11:43 PM

Thanks so much!! ♡♡♡
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/22/17 03:54 AM

Well I came back, but I'll probably still be a little brief, it's late now and I have a busy weekend planned.

So it's perfectly normal to feel nervous, anxious, or even terrified at first. There's so much to learn and so many variances in sugar gliders and many stories (other's experiences), both good & bad.

Generally, my belief is there's no such thing as over researching, but sometimes too much information at one time can be overwhelming and confusing, especially with conflicting opinions and outdated or misinformed information out there.

If you put the time, love, commitment, and consistency into it, you're gliders will bond with you. You have to build that relationship of trust, both ways. It's a work in progress, and needs patients in most cases, although some sugies are a little more easy-going than others, so they may learn to trust you quicker than one that is more skittish or easily stressed, that would be a more fearful glider, that takes longer to earn their trust.

I'm still kinda working on my trust in them, and doing a little more trust re-building with my gliders because we went through a rough patch, and they didn't get to spend as much time with me, for quite some time. It's been getting better with routine now, so hopefully I can get back to where we were and then grow from there.

So, try to relax, read all you can on bonding and any other area you feel you need to be familiar with. Feel free to ask questions as they come up. We are always happy to help, specific questions make it easier to answer. And btw, we also love to see pics, so if you got'em or can get'em, please feel free to post them as well, although recently there has been issues with photobucket, a popular hosting site that has been very easy to share pics with.

Anyway, as I stated, welcome here, and read, read, read, and ask, ask, ask.
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/22/17 04:15 AM

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!

Breathe! You haven't had your gliders that long. Here is a good post to get you started on the right tract: HERE!
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/22/17 05:52 PM

Gosh I feel so blessed to have found you guys!!!! Thanks so much for your support and advice ♡♡♡ also for taking the time to reply 🤗 pictures to come!!!! Omg I'm obsessed with making glider toys now lol I feel like having gliders is a huge lifestyle change.
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/23/17 03:52 AM

Omg, you should see all the glider accessories I have to store! I should post pics of it all, then there's still a large box in my storage unit, lol.

I have a shelf unit under my desk filled with their stuff, two large, canvas bins full on the top shelf of my desk, the top of their cage is full, plus the accessory self under the cage full, under the cage (dirty toys and fleece waiting to be washed, and cleaning supplies), and a cart out in the hallway, top and two shelves full of glider things, including a drying rack for washed toys, toy making supplies, and out of cage play supplies. The Bo's in storage unit is full of some toys, mostly seasonal toys, and their castle. I'm considering on bringing their castle here, but not sure where to store it between use, lol.
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/23/17 05:09 AM

I feel I'm trailing behind, but :welcomegc:

You are not alone in the need to buy everything you see for your new babies.

I'm like Terry, too much stuff (or fun), and no where to go with it. 1 tote full leads to two, 2 leads to more. It's like Christmas when I run across a tote I haven't open in awhile...

Bonding will definitely depend on your gliders personalities. One may be shy while the other one may come right to you for a treat. Licky treats on a small spoon, end of a straw, or popsicle stick, and eventually your finger can be honey or yogurt(full fat, no low cal).

Please keep us posted on progress and ask any questions.
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/24/17 08:07 PM

Thanks Dawn!! Lol omg so I tried the lucky treat idea with a straw and applesauce!! You rock!!you little boy lived it but Aspen, the lady of the house was in a cranky mood. 🙄 i feel like we should post pics of all our toys and trade so we all have a variety of fun lol.
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/24/17 08:09 PM

Hahaha yay I'm not the only hoarder mom!! Lol do your babies also immediately find the most dangerous part of your toy that you overlooked like... a piece I feel tape or a bar in the cage that's become unhinged??? I feel like I'm seeing constant danger every where >_<
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Re: Hi everyone!!! - 07/24/17 08:29 PM

Yes! It's like they have a nose for it. I had removed the electrics (a doorbell ) from a fairy tree. It wasn't enough to just remove the battery. Dot could smell the wires... Once I took that out, she wasn't so interested anymore in the entire tree. shakehead
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