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Joey or Full grown - 08/16/17 02:43 PM

Ok, so me and my wife have decided that it's time to get a glider. A friend has two and I liked them my wife think they are too cute. We have been together 7 years and we feel like we are ready. I have been doing research for like 4 months in my spare time. We have an opportunity to get a pair of girls that are about 18 months. We have what we would need for them mostly. Waiting for some stuff in the mail. My only concern is bonding. My research says Joey's bond better but I have a big heart and wanna give the 2 girls a good home.
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Re: Joey or Full grown - 08/16/17 03:09 PM


Joeys are cute, there is no doubt about that, however, getting older gliders in need of new forever homes also come with their own special rewards.

As long as you have time to give these girls, there is no reason you shouldn't give them a loving home. I would suggest getting as much information as possible about their previous home including what their diet is, how long they have been in that home and any health issues they may have had.

Don't be afraid to ask their present owner any questions that pop into your head.
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Absolutely agree with Karen. Any glider young or old can be either easy to bond with or takes a bit more effort. I took in an pretty young (under a year) glider as my first. She was pretty reserved and scared for a while. My second and third were a pair that was 5+years old and we bonded very quick and easy. After getting these two my first glider opened up and gradually bonded to us.. now shes as sweet as can be and give little nose kisses.

My point is, don't base it just on age. Their personalities are so different from one to another you could miss out on a great pair just because they are a bit older than joeys.

Whatever you decide... welcome to glider madness :willy: and :welcomegc:
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I agree... I am now looking for a neutered male to go with my two girls ( Hubby finally agreed! Yay!) And I want him to be around their age which is 3yrs.

My two were joys when I got them. Fiona bonded within a few weeks and Dot took 9 months.

It just depends on the gliders.
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Re: Joey or Full grown - 08/16/17 11:23 PM

All of my glider were older. It's true that for the most part the degree and speed they learn to trust you depends on many factors:

Where a glider's age is concerned (older gliders, not joeys)
1. How much time you have to invest to develop a trust building routine.
2. How patient you are, taking steps, it's "trust building", do not expect too much, too soon, and don't push.
3. What kind of experience the glider(s) have had with humans.
4. Their personality and disposition. An easily distressed (or stressed) glider will take longer, even it they have good personality. My Lulu is an example, but that's another story in itself.

Where a joey is concerned, or from what I've read, I never had joeys.
1. How much time you have to invest to develop a trust building routine.
2. How patient you are, see #2 above.
3. What kind of experience they have had with humans, were they handled by their breeder regularly?
4. Their personality and disposition.

Yup, the same factors apply to both joeys and older gliders.

I recommend to get a list of questions for the current owner ready and set up a meet & greet with the gliders. I did this with my first pair I found on CL. The story of Lulu begins with that. But I'm not getting into a long story, this post is long enough. I can fill you in if you have any questions about my Lulu, how I handled her and developed a trusting relationship with her, she has come a long, long way.

I personally cannot say that my gliders and I are truly bonded, and that's mostly on me and an unfortunate disruption in our routine for a long period of time. But we did build a trusting relationship, and we are/have been beginning again to straighten it.
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Re: Joey or Full grown - 08/17/17 04:30 AM

get into the forum list, as there are tutorials on bonding and relationships. the forum list is definitely the way to go (read).
years of all sorts of informative help from so many different people.
I've had both, and there were ups & downs with all of them.
they rule their world, and they will let you know when you are succeeding.
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