Help!!! My Basils bro and sis died!!!

Posted By: ChefSteff

Help!!! My Basils bro and sis died!!! - 04/17/18 04:58 AM

Hi guys 😭😭😭

Not new but I didn't know where else to post this. My ex accidentally trapped and killed my babies Roux and Aspen... been listening to Tears in Heaven and last Kiss on repeat... ugh, leaving my poor Basil, a neutered male all alone. Correction, leaving him with this poor rescue, bubbles. Bubbles was already in bad shape when he was brought to me ]= but he succumbed last night. Basil already been intermittently freaking out in his cage, barking, or curled up, listless. Now he's just in his pouch. I keep him with me as much as possible. I'm even letting him eat stuff I normally only give him as treats like yogurt drops, baby food, and live worms. I think I'm going to SS exotics tomorrow for another but if really prefer to adopt or rescue instead, like with all my animals. I'm fostering 4 week old kittens.. would they help cheer him up?? Should I even get him another one?? Basil is a neutered male that will be 1 on 4/20. Thoughts guys?? Any help or suggestions would be a blessing. 2818411829. I live in northern Houston, tx.

Thanks so much
Posted By: Rebecca

Re: Help!!! My Basils bro and sis died!!! - 04/17/18 03:07 PM

So sorry to hear about your babies. Hopefully you will find Basil a new mate soon.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Help!!! My Basils bro and sis died!!! - 04/17/18 05:25 PM

Wow... I'm so sorry to hear about everything, that is a lot to happen in a very short time. I don't know about kittens, there is definately risk. Maybe someone else would be to offer an opinion based on more experience, but I'd be very leery about attempting it.

As far as adopting friends for your poor furball, yes, I think that is an excellent plan. Another option to adopt, The Pet Glider offers some of their retired breeders with special offers.

Wishing you & yours strength. Good luck.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Help!!! My Basils bro and sis died!!! - 04/17/18 10:21 PM

I am very sorry for your loss. Glide Free Little Angels.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Help!!! My Basils bro and sis died!!! - 04/18/18 12:46 AM

I'm so sorry for your tragic loss! Hope you find your little one a mate.
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