Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey

Posted By: Echo333

Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey - 04/18/19 07:50 PM

My name is Alex Kim, about 5/6 years ago I purchased my first Sugar Glider Ziggy thinking he was going to be a cute pet to have. I purchased him from a pet store and upon taking him home and joining this forum I quickly realized how special Sugar Gliders are and how much of a responsibility I now had in order to properly care for their nutritional and emotional needs. I then purchased two sugar gliders Zoey and Zelda. I loved them all, I took all the advice and guidance I could gather from this site and am grateful for those that helped me at the time. I would give them fresh fruit daily, the proper nutrients and love. However the more knowledge I gained about these beautiful creatures the more I realized I would never be able to give them the life they deserve unless I devoted my life to them. Like many of the beautiful people on this site have chosen to do. When I realized this I knew id have to find someone who would give them as much if not more love than I could. I found a woman in New York who said she had a whole room for them in a larger house that they could be more free than the large cage I had to have them in most of the time. So I sent them to her for free, and moved on hoping they would now be in a better forever home. But I had a deep bond with them and instead of honoring that by constantly checking on them to see how they were doing, I buried them deep in my heart. I can no longer bare to not know how they are doing. If anyone remembers me and can help in anyway it would mean the world to me. Thank you
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Re: Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey - 04/19/19 01:14 AM

What was your name on the board at that time?
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Re: Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey - 04/23/19 03:00 PM

I have tried to remember but it has not come to me.. if it helps Ziggy is a classic grey, Zelda is Leusistic, and Zoey is a Platinum. Thank you for your help Kimberley.
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