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First Time Owner - 04/15/21 12:48 AM

Hello everyone I am a first time sugar glider owner and I am documenting my journey and experience on TikTok, I wont post my username yet because I haven't read the site guidelines but I would LOVE to hear about any advice you guys have for a first time owner or any experiences you have to share!
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Re: First Time Owner - 04/20/21 01:23 AM

Welcome to Glider central!! :welcome2:

I'm sorry didn't see your post sooner frown

We have a lot of info here and you can click on any blue word and it will take you to more info on that topic like glider safe wheels, bonding, vet database and diet database.

There is a lot of great information out there.

There is a lot to learn, so ask any questions you may have.

So glad you're here!!! heart
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Re: First Time Owner - 04/20/21 02:33 AM

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Re: First Time Owner - 04/20/21 08:41 PM

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