She doesn't glide

Posted By: Jill

She doesn't glide - 06/09/14 01:23 AM

My 2 year old does not glide. I recently got her from someone who had no idea what she was doing her cage accessories were all on the bottom of the cage. I've tried to help her and she just freaks out and hides. What could be wrong?
Posted By: GliderNursery

Re: She doesn't glide - 06/09/14 01:44 AM

If you just got her, then trying to get her to glide when it isn't something she's had an opportunity to do yet, may actually be scaring her. Take things slowly, build up her trust in you which will in turn create that wonderful bond we share with our gliders.

Once she is more comfortable with you and her new surroundings, then start by placing her on something just a bit higher than your hand. Hold your hand out to her so she can stretch and reach you, encouraging her to walk onto your hand. Reward her with a treat.

Very gradually, start pulling your hand an inch or so further from her to encourage her to hop to you, then jump to you, then eventually glide to you.

Just remember, than being in captivity, believe it or not, not all gliders will glide. Also, in order for them to truly glide rather than jump, they need to be higher than the target they are jumping too. So when she's ready, maybe put her on a shower curtain rod, curtain rod, or door jamb. Just don't go too fast for her. If anything you are doing makes her feel uneasy, then slow down and move closer to her.
Posted By: yiyo

Re: She doesn't glide - 06/09/14 12:41 PM

Posted By: Jill

Re: She doesn't glide - 06/09/14 01:44 PM

Thank you guys!! Her previous owner didn't enable her ability so she has no idea what she can do. She acts incredibly wild minus the gliding. If I put my hand near her she thinks I'm food and snips at me. She can be very sweet but I can tell she is still scared bc she does a lot a shaking and hiding. She with snatched food from me very fast. I can tell she's more wild than pet like. Seems like she wasn't cared for as much as she should have been but she is trying to adapt to her new surroundings.
Posted By: yiyo

Re: She doesn't glide - 06/09/14 02:54 PM

With time and patience I'm sure that she'll come around. Just keep at it with bonding and she'll calm down eventually. It's usually just not as fast as we'd like wink
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