Maybe this is odd?

Posted By: Jayhawk

Maybe this is odd? - 07/08/14 11:45 PM

I just got my glider over the weekend and I have left her alone for 2 days, but I have noticed she is just not sleeping during the hours she needs to be. She stays up for most of the day; she might take a nap here and there, but she will not wake up until after 11pm (could be later, I am just always in bed before she wakes up). Before I left for work today around 11 she was still up, had not gone to bed yet, and would not leave the outside of the ballpit. When my husband came home from work this evening she was still just sitting outside of the ballpit which leads me to believe she has not really slept again today. Is this normal since she is still getting used to her new environment?
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Re: Maybe this is odd? - 07/09/14 01:38 AM

They can do some weird things when they first come into a new home, odd sleep patterns is one of those things.

During the day, is the room where her cage is at well lit? And at night, is it dark in there? If not, then you may need to adjust the location or the lighting in the room. They need "daylight" and "night"; that does assist them in knowing when to be awake and when to sleep.
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Re: Maybe this is odd? - 07/10/14 12:28 AM

The room does have proper lighting and darkness. She seriously just flipped a switch last night and decided to be up at a decent time and then this morning when I woke up she was all settled in for the day! :yes:
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Re: Maybe this is odd? - 07/10/14 12:37 AM

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